Instructions: So you can delete your Google account and delete all data

Google account management

Fed up with Google and want to delete your account there? That is - similar like on Facebook and other such services - not that easy, because mostly you have to work your way through submenus to finally get to the page where you can then delete your profile. With Google, however, it's reasonably easy.

Instructions: How to delete your Google account

I have briefly written you here how to proceed if you want to delete your profile there:

  1. Log in to Google and go to this URL, on which you dan account settings find:
    You can also reach this page by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner of Google and then going to "Account".
  2. At the bottom of this page you will find “Delete Products” and “Delete Google Account and Data”. Now you have to decide whether you only want to delete a specific service such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc., or your entire Google account. I'm assuming you want to delete everything. So you choose”Delete your Google account and data".

    Google account management
    Via the Google account management you get to the menu item “Delete Google account and data”.
  3. On the following page you can still find a summary of all Google services associated with the account. Most of the time, it even says how much or what content you have stored there:

    Google account deletion
    When you delete your account, you will first receive a brief overview of the services for which you have stored content. These would all be removed when your account is deleted.
  4. If on the last page you were still sure that you wanted to delete your account, then you have to go to the next page confirm again that you want to remove all content and data:

    Delete Google account confirmation
    Before something is actually deleted, you have to go through a final confirmation page.

Accidentally deleted? A recovery of the Google account is only possible for a short time!

For everyone who is used to being able to retrieve data from the trash after months: Google does not remove the content associated with the deleted account immediately, but it does remove it in a timely manner. This applies, for example, to the following data:

  1. all Google Mails that are on the Google server
  2. the full Gmail address used with the account
  3. all the contact details that you have saved in Gmail
  4. all photos uploaded to Picasa or Google+
  5. all content that has been entered on Google plus
  6. all Google Docs and Google Drive content (forms, tables, etc.)
  7. all youtube videos
  8. all blogs that you run at Blogger
  9. the Google Adsense and Google Adwords account with all campaigns

You should be really sure before you start the deletion. I was surprised myself how many services and data I stored there. If you no longer use a certain service but want to keep another one, then it makes sense to choose the “Delete products” route.

Google account deleted
This is what it looks like if you have actually completely deleted the account after entering your email for confirmation.

Incidentally, the restoration is basically possible, but Google even says on the support page (without specifying a specific period of time) that you can only restore your Google account within a short period of time.


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