Ion Audio Blockrocker: mobile, robust and LOUD

Ion Audio Blockrocker iPA06
Ion Audio Blockrocker iPA06

The Ion Audio Block Rocker Personal Audio is a lead-battery operated roaring cube in large and really loud - here in the IPA06 silver version (Photo: Amzon).

If it can be a little more sound pressure than normal iPod speaker systems then without a doubt the portable speaker from Ion Audio comes into play. The version that I would prefer to present here (Block rocker iPA06), is still delivered without Bluetooth. There is one though new model with bluetooth (Ion iPA66), but unfortunately that only has one customer rating, which is also bad. For this reason I would prefer to introduce the old model of the "Block Rocker", which has already received several 5-star ratings and almost only positive comments.

Big and loud, but still mobile to use

First of all, you have to say that you don't just carry the Ion Audio Blockrocker around as easily as they do Big Jambox from Jawbone. It's quite a suitcase and it has wheels and a trolley handle built in for a reason. In addition, it does not support Airplay or Bluetooth and the built-in iPod dock has no Lightning connection but the old 30-pin connector. This usually means that the music will be fed in via the stereo cinch input. If you can live with all these negative points, the sound system is an absolutely robust and sonically very good mobile speaker system with which you can cover a large area.

Technical specifications of the Ion Audio speaker system

The technical details of mobile sound systems are always interesting. I've already revealed a few things above, but there is a lot more that can be put on the table in terms of numbers: The integrated lead battery, for example, can provide up to 12 hours of music enjoyment (you can, by the way, how to change this battery read here in the manual). And within 4 hours it is fully charged again. The weight is 14 kg and the dimensions are 440 x 470 x 270 mm. It is also practical that the box can also be placed on a 3,5 cm speaker stand via the built-in connection.

In addition to the cinch line input, there are two other inputs: an XLR connection and a 6,3mm jack connection, with which you can also hang your electric guitar to "rock" on the meadow by the lake. The combination is perfect, by the way, if you get one of the effects device apps for iPhone or iPad and hang it in between. Then it gets really fun!

Buy Ion Audio Blockrocker

The block rocker can be called Model iPA06 (without bluetooth) or as Model iPA66 (with A2DP Bluetooth and FM radio) on Amazon. The new model is a bit more expensive and certainly only interesting if you really want to use Bluetooth. But take a look at them. Both make a reasonable impression on me, especially since she can also use the PA system at small parties.

Ion Audio Blockrocker iPA66, silver
This Ion Audio model has Bluetooth, but no Lightning dock either. The music performance, dimensions and weight largely correspond to the above model.

Both models are also available in black instead of silver. If you want to see them, please follow these links: Block rocker iPA06 black or Block rocker iPA56 black.

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