iOS 11 trick: turn off WiFi and Bluetooth

Turn off iPhone Wifi, turn off Bluetooth, permanently

Under iOS 11, you cannot completely switch off the WLAN or the Bluetooth connection in the new control center, but only cut the connection to the currently connected devices. Many users have criticized this and also the rather long way via the settings to completely turn off the WiFi and the Bluetooth connection under iOS 11. Unfortunately, this has little to do with Apple's usual user-friendliness, which is part of the company's philosophy. So here is a workaround, a little iOS 11 tip with which you can switch off WiFi and Bluetooth on the iPhone - with Siri.

Switch off WiFi and Bluetooth in iOS 11, this is only possible in the settings or via Siri. in the

Control center, the connections are only cut to currently connected devices." width="620″ height="293″ /> Under iOS 11, turn off WLAN and Bluetooth, this is only possible in the settings or via Siri. In the control center, the connections are only up to date connected devices.

Switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with Siri under iOS 11

It's certainly not a direct setting that Apple has built in as a simple and user-friendly alternative to searching in the iOS settings, but it probably works: just tell Siri to turn off the WiFi or Bluetooth for you. Especially when the battery is low, on an airplane or in a hospital, there should be as few radio connections as possible. With the Apple voice assistant Siri you can switch off the WLAN and Bluetooth on iOS on the iPhone:

  • Siri, turn off the wifi
  • Siri, turn off bluetooth

You can also reactivate the individual radio connections in the same way:

  • Siri, turn on the wifi
  • Siri, turn on bluetooth

The detour via airplane mode

Another workaround that is even less well known is the one about airplane mode. If you press the airplane button, Bluetooth and WLAN are completely switched off as usual. What is less well known, however, is that you can now keep the Bluetooth deactivated by pressing the WiFi button while the WiFi is reactivated. Of course, the whole thing also works with activated Bluetooth and deactivated WLAN.

Another advantage for people who use this frequently: The airplane mode "remembers" the last status and sets it again. This means that if you last used the WiFi with activated, the next time you click the airplane mode button, the WiFi is switched on again and Bluetooth is switched off.

Why are the connections not cut by default?

Over time, Apple has brought out more and more of its own accessories for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. The two most important devices are probably the Apple Watch and the Apple AirPodsconnected via bluetooth. So that they can quickly reconnect for the benefit of the iPhone user when the connection is disconnected, the radio connections cannot be completely switched off via the control center in iOS 11. But if you (currently) neither use the Apple Watch nor the AirPods and prefer to save battery, you can switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth completely via Siri under iOS 11. By the way: a list with (almost) all Siri commands in German and English you can find here.

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