iOS 11: News from Apple WWDC 2017

Keynote at the start of the Apple WWDC 2017, which took place yesterday on June 5, 2017 at 19:00 p.m. Central European Summer Time, were among other things the new iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad as well as the new MacOS High Sierra for iMac, Mac, and MacBook presented. Also new models of almost all devices (except the iPhone, of course) as well as completely new innovations like the Apple HomePod were shown at the 2,5 hour long WWDC 2017 keynote. First of all, here are the innovations regarding iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad. The rest will follow in further posts;)

Apple World Wide Developers Conference 2017 iOS 11
Kicking off Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote there was a funny video showing the world after suddenly all apps disappear - APPOCALYPSE! You can find the video HERE.

iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad

There were already rumors about the new iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad, as it was on Twitter and consequently in the media the message about a mysterious Files App made the rounds in the Apple App Store. This called for iOS 11 and had a folder as an icon. In the course of the evening it became clear: Files is actually a new app from Apple and it comes with that Finder under macOS or OS X quite close. With Files on iOS 11, sorting, organizing and managing files is just as easy on the iPad as it is on the Apple desktop and laptop computers. But there are other innovations that belong to the new mobile operating system.

Presentation of iOS 11 and many other Apple innovations with Tim Cook and cronies.

Innovations and improvements

In the running text, all innovations and improvements of the upcoming operating system for iPhone and iPad would go beyond the scope of this blog. Therefore, here are the most important things in somewhat clearer lists. For some points I have added a suitable video from the Apple WWDC 2017 Keynote.


  • Lock screen and notifications become one screen - it is displayed as a screen lock and when you pull down in the home menu
  • System settings screen becomes simpler and clearer; Details of individual settings are called up using 3D Touch
  • Messages now runs via iCloud, which saves storage space and synchronizes chats on all connected devices
  • In addition, Apple Pay can soon also be used for private transfers; Amounts can be sent directly in the new messages



  • Siri gets a more natural voice and is supposed to improve both her understanding and her pronunciation through deep learning / machine learning (assistant becomes AI)
  • Siri can now automatically transfer bookings on flight or hotel pages to the calendar or show distances to chat partners as Auto Correct in messages
  • And Siri is synchronized via the iCloud with all Apple devices used by the customer, so that she is equally smart everywhere
  • In addition, the AI ​​learns interests and related words. For example, if you have read something about Iceland, Auto Correct shows "Reykjavík" when you enter Rey, etc.

(Hopefully Siri will also learn to set the alarm properly in the future. In the Apfelot house, the response to “Set an alarm clock at 6:30 am!” Is often the answer “What time should I set the alarm clock?” - there the machine can still learn a lot ...)

live Photos

  • Live photos can now be cropped and edited in loops (repetitions)
  • In addition, individual frames (individual images) can be searched and one of them can be used individually as a still
  • A long exposure time can also be simulated by joining the images - without a tripod!

Maps and driving

  • Apple Maps now receives building plans for shopping centers and airports
  • There is a new one Do not disturb when driving Mode that is activated automatically; the iPhone detects itself when it is in a moving car
  • Passengers can deactivate the lock on their Apple smartphones. If a contact replies to the absence message with “Urgent”, then the driver's lock screen is released and the message is put through.

HomeKit and Music

  • HomeKit: In addition to familiar functions, Apple's smart home application now also has “speakers”, also and above all for multi-room systems. That goes along with that Apple HomePod, a music and Siri speaker
  • Apple Music: With Apple's music app, you can now see what your contacts are hearing. You can also share your music, create a profile and playlists, etc.
  • Third party providers can interact via MusicKit; Shazam for example, recognized songs can be added to the playlist / library

New App Store for iOS 11

  • The nine-year-old App Store has been fundamentally redesigned for iOS 11
  • New Tabs: Today, Games, Apps (applications)
  • Today shows the latest publications and stories as well as advice
  • GAMES shows games, individual genres and top lists
  • Apps brings applications and sorting options
  • New app pages provide more information, backgrounds and insights
  • In-app purchases are possible directly via the App Store

Machine learning and AR

  • The AI ​​is getting stronger and the iPad and iPhone are getting smarter through machine learning
  • Using Core ML, developers can also link images and language with the AI
  • Augmented Reality (AR) plays a bigger role, also in conjunction with the camera and 3D touch
  • LEGO, IKEA, Wingnut AR (AR Studio by Peter Jackson) and more develop apps, games and entertainment for them Augmented Reality

iOS 11 on the iPad

  • Especially for iPad there is an approximation to macOS through many innovations
  • The dock with the apps is getting bigger and more multifunctional
  • By Apple Files App makes managing data (also with iCloud, Box, DropBox, Google Drive and Co.) easier
  • Drag and drop opens up new possibilities and a much faster workflow
  • A better keyboard with multiple key assignments makes typing faster
  • The Apple Pencil has new functions and is more integrated into the system
  • Notes or notes is expanded, e.g. with a search function in handwritten notes
  • Documents can be scanned with the camera, after which editing is possible
  • The so-called markup / mark up is also possible for screenshots directly after the recording

Other interesting topics of the Apple WWDC 2017 keynote

In addition to iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad, there were also messages, hints and demos with regard to tvOS, watchOS and macOS. In other entries here on it will also be about these issues. There is also a new iPad Pro as well as new MacBook and iMac models - the Mac has been "reinvented" for the professional target group and equipped with an incredible amount of power. The result: the iMac Pro in space gray.

Then there is the HomePod, a smart speaker for music with excellent sound and integration of Siri, HomeKit and so on. There is also news from the Apple Watch; their connectivity and opportunities for third-party providers have grown with watchOS 4. And the new macOS is called High Sierra.

As I said: all topics will be dealt with in the coming days. Some are so far only important for developers, as the individual systems and devices will not be released until autumn or December 2017. Some innovations such as the HomePod will not come to Europe until 2018.

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