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With iOS 17, a new main version of the iOS operating system will come to compatible Apple iPhones in autumn 2023. But what innovations and improvements does iOS 17 promise and which iPhone models can be equipped with it? How do you carry out the upgrade and what should be considered? And which new features are not yet available for release, but only with an update to version 17.1 or 17.2? This guide has the right answers to these and other questions. If you have any other questions, just leave a comment.

Note: This post is occasionally supplemented with new information or links to current posts (see list of instructions at the end of the post).

What is iOS 17 and do I need it?

iOS 17 is the iPhone operating system that Apple developed as part of the WWDC23 keynote has announced. It will likely be made available as a free upgrade in September 2023 - when the iPhone 15 range launches. Subsequently, the new operating system iOS 17 will be the predecessor presented and introduced in 2022 iOS 16 substitute. There will then be no function updates for this, only security updates.

The new iOS 17 updates the compatible iPhone models (see below) and includes several adjustments and new functions. In addition to security features, these also include options for exchanging information via the news app. There are also other features for networking with other people, a stand-by mode for the bedside table, the journal app for recording daily events and well-being, and much more.

What new features are coming to iPhone with iOS 17?

After performing the upgrade, numerous new functions, apps and improvements can be used in the system. In addition to completely new content, there are also existing functions that will be further expanded in iOS 17 and expanded in their scope of use. We will go into individual things in instructions and guides after the release. At this point there is a list as an overview of the innovations in iOS 17:

  • Phone app: With a Caller Poster you can specify how you are displayed on another device when you call. In addition to a photo, the name can be placed on it, similar to the time on the creatively designable lock screens from iOS 16. In addition, by Live voicemail a text transcript of the voicemail message as it is spoken. So you can still take important calls quickly.
  • FaceTime: If you call via FaceTime and cannot reach anyone, you can now do one too (Video)Leave a message. In addition, from iOS 17 in FaceTime and in other apps with video calling, different AR reactions Enables – using gestures, you can trigger certain effects (fireworks, hearts, balloons, etc.). In connection with the Apple TV 4K it can iPhone as a camera used to use FaceTime on the TV.
  • News App: There is one starting with iOS 17 better search with new search filters. For catch up you jump to the first of the new, unread messages, e.g. B. in group chats to get an overview of what has been missed more quickly. The Voice Message Transcription ensures that you can read voice messages instead of listening to them. New Stickers from your own photo content provide variety.
  • companion: This new feature notifies selected personswhen you get home. If you stay somewhere longer (traffic jam, train has to stop, car breaks down, etc.) you get a reminder that you should let us know. If you don't react to this, the selected contacts will receive a message with the last location, the battery status of the iPhone, etc. This is intended to make the way home safer.
  • New sharing options: From iOS 17 for photos, live photos and Stickers. Stickers can be created system-wide and also in third-party apps from photos, with objects extracted from photos and moving content. 
  • NameDrop: With that can Contact details (phone number, email address, contact poster, etc.) and AirDrop be replaced. To do this, iPhones or the iPhone and an Apple Watch are held together. 
  • AirDrop: The file exchange is supported by the Holding iPhones together simplified. If larger files are transferred and you move away, then the transfer is continued via the Internet.
  • Intelligent input: Take care Improvements in keyboard usage, with new Auto Correct powered by machine learning and smart sentence completion.
  • journal app: The new app helps capturing the day and the mood. Content such as photos, appointments, fitness data, music played and more are suggested for this. You can also be reminded of journaling. The whole thing is calculated on the device, there is end-to-end encryption for the iCloud and access to the Journal app can be protected.
  • stand by: New feature that allows iPhone to horizontally display different content such as time, alarm clock, date, weather, widgets and more - e.g. B. on a MagSafe charging stand, where the iPhone is used as a bedside alarm clock. The iPhone can be used here as an alternative to a smart speaker with a display. A red and black display can be selected for the night, which does not disturb sleep.
  • "Siri": Simply stating the name of the language assistant is intended to replace “Hey Siri”. In addition, follow-up questions and answers should be able to be submitted without additional "Siri" (as was the case years ago in the Project Blackbird intended).
  • Safari: private tabs can be protected with Touch ID or Face ID. Furthermore, the Protection against trackers and fingerprinting expanded. 
  • passwords and pass keys: Can now shared with individual contacts or groups. All selected contacts in the group can add and change passwords. These are then synchronized within the group.
  • Health app: In addition to the Journal app, the Health app also offers new ones from iOS 17 Mental Health Functions. Moods and feelings can be recorded and tools can be used to identify anxiety disorders and depression. The new "Screen Removal" function ensures that warnings indicate when the eyes are too close to the display.
  • Maps App: Apple finally introduces the possibility to Download maps for offline use to be able to These can then be used for navigation. In the USA, and probably later also in other regions, hiking trails in (national) parks are also displayed.
  • Air Tag: The position of the tracker can be changed from iOS 17 can be shared with up to five people. Everyone in the group can take the AirTag with them Where is? track and locate precisely. In addition to AirTags, sharing and locating up to five people at the same time should also be possible with other “Where is?”-enabled objects.
  • Apple Music / Music App: About Collaborative playlists (shared playlists) makes it easier to share music with others. Thanks to SharePlay in cars with CarPlay system everyone can contribute their music to the playlist from their own iPhone.
  • AirPlay: Enabled by scanning QR codes in hotels. 
  • Home App: On Course now shows up to 30 days history of usage of door locks, garage locks, alarm systems and contact sensors. In addition, Matter will continue to be involved, for example by adopting unlocking mechanisms for Matter locks.
  • reminders app: Items in a shopping list can be sorted into groupsto make shopping easier. Items that belong together are then not scattered across the shopping list, but grouped together, so that ideally you only need to go to the supermarket and forget nothing.
  • Visual lookup: In addition to improvements in image recognition, it can now also used for video stills become. Recipes can be looked up for recognized dishes.
  • Photos: In the “People” overview, you can now add recognized people as well dogs and cats are displayed. Several pets are distinguished and displayed with their names.
  • There are also some new features in the Privacy and at the Barrierefreiheit. In addition, more emphasis is placed on protection against unexpected nude images. Details on the "Sensitive content warning" can be found for macOS 14 Sonoma in this guide: Sensitive Content Warning – Advice on nude footage from macOS Sonoma.
  • Learn more about new features and improvements in iOS 17 can be found in the official press release from Apple.

Which iOS 17 features will come to the iPhone later via an update?

As mentioned above, not all new functions and apps come to the iPhone immediately with the release of iOS 17.0. A few have already been announced as delayed, so you have to wait for versions 17.1 or 17.2 (you can find articles on the new system versions below under “Updates”). Both iOS 17 features not available at release, these are the following:

  • journal app
  • AirDrop over the Internet
  • Collaborative Playlists
  • AirPlay in the hotel room

Which Apple iPhone models are compatible with iOS 17?

Next to the 2rd Gen iPhone SE (2020) and the 3rd Gen iPhone SE (2022) the following generations and models are compatible with iOS 17: iPhone XR, iPhone XS (Max), iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro (Max), iPhone 12 (mini), iPhone 12 Pro (Max), iPhone 13 (mini ), iPhone 13 Pro (Max), iPhone 14 (Plus), iPhone 14 Pro (Max) and the upcoming iPhone 15 series. If you prefer a list overview, then have a look here: Is your iPhone compatible with iOS 17?

Although various iPhone models and vintages will be compatible with the new operating system up to and including 2018 models, there are a few limitations. For some functions you need at least an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro (both from 2020). The reasons for this can be found in the faster chip and in the LiDAR scanner. Details on the topic can be found here: iOS 17 features that require at least an iPhone 12. In the guide, I go into detail about the individual features and the technology required for them.

How can I install iOS 17 on my iPhone?

In order to use the beta version of iOS 17 before the official release, you have to register for the corresponding test program. All information about the public betas of iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and Co. can be found on the official Apple site on the subject. We haven't been able to share any of our own experiences with iOS 17 here in the blog yet. However, you can find information about the Installing and using the macOS 14 Sonoma Beta.

If its not unfinished Beta version install, but want to use the official upgrade to the finished operating system, then you have to wait until September 2023. Then iOS 17 (after the September keynote introducing the iPhone 15 range) should be over Settings -> General -> software update available on your compatible device. We will inform you accordingly in a post and then offer instructions for the new functions - so get it Newsletter and the Sir Apfelot app, so as not to miss anything!

Update: It stands release date firmly! You can install iOS 17 on compatible iPhones as a regular upgrade starting Monday, September 18, 2023. (end of update)

iOS 17 Guides - iPhone Tips and Tricks

Here we will collect our tips, tricks, instructions and guides for iOS 17 over time. With the following step-by-step instructions, assistance, advice articles and experience reports, you will learn more quickly how to use the new functions of iOS 17. In addition, troubleshooting articles to solve specific problems will be added over time.


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