IP address on the Mac: solution for temporary and permanent display

Are you the IT person in the company or would you like to keep an eye on your IP address in the local LAN / WLAN or in the network of your Internet provider at home? Then there are various ways of doing this; Temporary displays of the IP address and permanent solutions for constant monitoring in the menu bar of Mac OS X and macOS. In addition to keyboard shortcuts and websites, I would also like to introduce you to one or the other practical app for calling up the IP and other data.

Read out the IP address on the Mac once or have it permanently displayed in the macOS menu bar - it works with these solutions!
Read out the IP address on the Mac once or have it permanently displayed in the macOS menu bar - it works with these solutions!

View the IP address on the Mac

I have already shown you in this guide how you can proceed for the one-time readout or for the back and forth use of the Internet protocol address on the Apple Mac, MacBook and iPhone: What's my IP address? - Among other things, I suggested going through the system settings or using different websites to get the required character string.

Another tip: Just hold down the Option key (Alt) and then click on the WLAN symbol in the menu bar. This not only shows you the available networks, but also all the important data on the WiFi network that you are currently connected to.

Read out and display the internet protocol address via the app

If you don't want to see your IP address of the local LAN or the Internet network only once or every now and then, but permanently, then the above options may be too time consuming. In order to be able to read the IP address permanently in the menu bar or otherwise easily, I can recommend some apps for Mac OS X and macOS on the Apple computer.

IP on menu bar

IP on Menubar is a small free software from the German developer Christian Schmitz. On the Download page versions of the software are available for Apple operating systems from Mac OS X 10.6 to macOS 10.13. The site also has other freeware and shareware that you can use to perform different tasks Cupertino-Computer can facilitate.


BitBar lets you show different values ​​in the menu bar. In addition to buy and sell values ​​for  You can also display your Bitcoin trading with the software, internal and external IP addresses. You can find the download of the free software on GitHub.

iStat Menus

iStat Menus is a paid app for the Apple Mac that shows you a wide variety of key figures from the system. Of course, this also includes the IP address. Furthermore, performance and utilization of CPU, GPU and memory as well as data from sensors, the battery and so on. I have all the information and the download for you here: iStat Menus.

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