Grandpa takes iPad as a cutting board - the video

iPad as a cutting board

Since I keep sending the video to friends and acquaintances who are considering diving into the world of electronics again in later years, I would like to link this again here. On the one hand, because it is old but still good and on the other hand, so that I have it "with me" ready to send a link.

iPad as a cutting board

If you do not press on so hard, it will certainly work with the vegetable cutting. Only washing dishes under the tap could be critical!

I would also say from my acquaintance's experience that it is not far-fetched that some technology dummies really abuse the [iPad-> ipad] in this way. You should only notice that this stupid button on the top is totally unthought, because all the vegetable scraps get stuck in there and they are so difficult to get out again. ;)

If you are really looking for something to cut and wash up, you should better look for a waterproof tablet (like this one) look - according to the advertising, you can even take it with you into the pool and thunder on the floor ... it will certainly take its place as a cutting board with ease. However, I do not know whether there are already models that are dishwasher safe. :)

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