iPhone 12 Pro delivery time slipped into November

iPhone 12 Pro delivery time in November

I ordered my iPhone 14 Pro yesterday just after 12 p.m. and received the message that it would be delivered on October 23.10. is expected. One day later, customers have to put up with the fact that they will not receive the new iPhone 12 Pro until early to mid-November.

Both the storage equipment and the choice of color are almost irrelevant and will change little on the delivery date from November 9th to 16th. The most popular, however, clearly seems to be the color "Pacific Blue", because here Apple is no longer available before November 9.11th, while the other colors here and there are still being delivered from November 4.11.2020th, XNUMX.

The iPhone 12 Pro is definitely more in demand than the normal iPhone 12 without Pro (Photo: Apple).
The iPhone 12 Pro is definitely more in demand than the normal iPhone 12 without Pro (Photo: Apple).

iPhone 12 models still available quickly

The iPhone 12 without Pro, on the other hand, will still arrive relatively punctually on October 23.10rd. with you. Only the small 64 GB models seem to be popular and have delivery times here and there between November 2nd and 4th.

The iPhone 12 color variants include white, black, blue, green and (product) red, with the green model either being produced in smaller quantities or having a relatively high demand. In any case, the delivery time for all green iPhone 12s is 2.11. until 4.11. jumped.

Good demand - happy shareholders

How the delivery times will change in the next few days cannot be foreseen, but I think as a shareholder of Apple you can be satisfied.

Despite the corona crisis and difficult production conditions, Apple has managed to bring many of the new iPhones to men and women. However, we won't know exactly what the sales figures will look like until Apple publishes the quarterly figures for Q4 / 2020.

MagSafe charging adapter already arrived at some customers

It is interesting that some customers have already received the new MagSafe charging adapter. I ordered it and was given a delivery date in early November. Without question, I would be delighted if I received it in time for the iPhone 12 Pro, but I was probably just too late with this order.

The first tweets from people who received their MagSafe charging adapter have already passed.
The first tweets from people who received their MagSafe charging adapter have already passed.

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19 comments on “iPhone 12 Pro delivery time has already slipped into November”

  1. Hello Sir Jens! ;-)

    And? is it there?

    I ordered my Pro on the 16th at 15:03 pm and it won't be until 10.11. delivered…. :-(

    1. Hello Pablo! I should get it today. So far, the DHL Express man hasn't arrived yet... but I'm really pondering whether I shouldn't take the 12 Pro Max after all. The main feature for me is the camera and I would love to have the model with the “greatest” camera. Only these giant fablets, which can only be operated with two hands, are a bit uncomfortable for me... but maybe I'll get weak and try the big model again.

      1. That's how I see it too. The camera is also an important point for me, but the max sizes….? I do not know. 6,7 inches is such a thing….

        1. I have already adjusted to the Pro Max internally. I now think: I've always wanted an iPad Mini. Now I get a pretty modern model. ;-)

          1. The iPhone 12 Pro has just arrived. I like the new (old) shape a lot. I'm just setting it up and then I'll start taking various photos (with a comparison to the XS). That will be an article in the next few days. I'm really excited to see what the camera can do. Since I exposed the iPhone 11 Pro, a lot should have happened.

          2. I already took a couple of pictures yesterday. It was so dark that I could only see shapes outside. The iPhone XS only produced a black photo and the iPhone 12 Pro produced a colorful image. It's extremely funny what the thing gets out of it. I also find it very exciting that he apparently takes a short picture to recognize contours and then he exposes for 2-3 seconds to get the colors into the picture. So I took a photo with rain and the raindrops still only make very short stripes, although they would actually no longer be visible with the long exposure time.

          3. Sounds great! ;-) It's awesome what they get out of there.

            I still have 10.11/16. as a delivery date. Ordered on the 15th at 03:XNUMX pm ... :-(

          4. Hi Pablo! If you can't take it anymore, I can sell you mine. : D I would send it back the days otherwise and wait for the 12 Pro Max ...

          5. Hey Not bad the thought ... BUT ... I'm now wondering whether it makes sense to buy the 12 series. I currently have the 11er. Battery is no better either. At least according to tests. And then wait another month for it? Pf ...
            You can't really tell anyone because you can't explain it. Only with "want to have" ... But it's too expensive for that! Well... I'll see. Thanks

          6. Hello Pablo! I don't know the 11er firsthand now, but I always have the feeling that you can mostly skip a generation. As a rule, there is not so much that is going on and then paying over 1000 EUR for it is a bit too much. Of course, if you have money like hay, you can buy it every year ... no question about it. : D

          7. Hello Pablo! Just done! : D The iPhone 12 Pro is nice, but not so different compared to the XS. But I can already say one thing about this: The smaller battery is not noticeable in everyday life, as the CPU is bored most of the time. I used Coconut Battery to measure what my XS needs in standby (only HomeScreen) and what the 12 Pro needs and that was almost 1/3 less energy. Basically the same game when using apps. That means that you have a slightly smaller battery with the 12 Pro, but it is not so challenged ... Still: In the photo area - apart from the low light thing - there wasn't much difference to be seen. I'm curious to see if the 12 Pro Max shows more. Let's see. In any case, I also have a different form factor with the 12 Pro Max, which I really like. And what are you doing now??? Is yours here now?

          8. Hi

            interesting that with the battery. Everything will then run more efficiently. Very good.

            Reason has triumphed for me. Canceled. On the 10th they wanted to send it. If the delivery time had been shorter, I would have pulled it off but had to wait 4 weeks for a cell phone which has hardly any differences….
            As I said before, I have the 11th. If you hardly noticed a difference then it is even less with me.

            I now have the goal of 13 ... ;-)

            What delivery time do you have for Max?

          9. I was actually late with the order: I didn't realize until 14:30 p.m. that I should order. : D Nevertheless, the delivery time was still mid to late November. Most of the time things come earlier at the earlier date. So I'm counting on the 12 Pro Max in mid-November.
            Then look forward to the 13th. : D Every year we are excited to see what features are available. ;-)

  2. On October 16.10 ordered at 14:25 p.m., delivery date 03.11.20/XNUMX/XNUMX. My son was through with the order process a few minutes early, he received his yesterday.
    He chose 128 GB, I chose 256 GB, but that doesn't make any difference (I didn't check it directly either, only in the evening).

  3. On October 16.10 at 14:07 p.m. I ordered the iPhone Pro (256 GB) in pacific blue. Yesterday at 13 p.m. it was delivered punctually with DHL Express. At 00:14 p.m. it was ready for use. I think the angular shape is great. It feels really good in the hand. I come from an iPhone X and am very happy with the new device. I'm really excited about the camera.

    1. So there are worlds of camera between the iPhone X and the 12 Pro. My iPhone XS is already significantly better than the X, but the jump to the 12 Pro is amazing, especially in suboptimal lighting conditions. You'll be amazed. I will probably send my 12 Pro back and get the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The larger sensor, the lower f-number and the better stabilization should make everything even better. And since my iPhone is my main camera, I would like to have the big iPhone there.

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