iPhone 4 home button repair for technology dummies

Scope of delivery iFixTheButton

Of the four iPhone 4 models that are still in use among my friends, only three have the home button gate. For those who are not in the picture: the home button seems to stop responding at some point, especially on the 4-series iPhone. Even pressing hard or exciting doesn't help, because it only works when it wants to - and that can be very annoying.

Solution approaches for the repair

The best ideas to fix it are on the forums. From short-term freezing in the freezer to cleaning with a toothbrush to treating the button with pure alcohol, everything can be found there. Anyone who has enough technical expertise and the dexterity of a watchmaker can get one of the Buy iPhone 4 Home Button Repair Kitswhich, in addition to the home button for exchanging, also contains the complete tool that you need for the action. A friend of mine chose this handicraft route and then the Video tutorial from ifixit.com watched. But even he had to admit that it is an unbelievable fiddling in which something can go wrong or lost very quickly if you are not careful. If you let a professional do the replacement of the button, however, you can quickly get rid of 70 EUR.

The solution for technology dummies: the iFixTheButton-Set

Since I am not so into manual work on tiny electronic devices, the repair set from iFixTheButton came in very handy, because it promises to make the home button on the iPhone 4 or 4s accessible without having to unscrew it. The positive customer ratings and reviews have already made me confident that the matter could also help with my problem case.

Scope of delivery iFixTheButton

The iFixTheButton set usually comes with three ampoules in addition to the pipette. I only have two here as I was using one when the photo was taken.

My test: contents of the set and instructions

After I have received and opened the set, you will find three ampoules with the cleaning liquid and a pipette, with which you can put the liquid from an ampoule on the home button, in addition to the instructions. The device should be switched off completely beforehand. If the contents of the ampoule have been placed on the recess of the home button, you press the home button with the back of the pipette for a few minutes and change the position of the pressure point so that the button is pressed in different ways.

iFixTheButton - applying the liquid

The cleaning liquid is applied with the pipette in the middle of the home button. In the photo, unfortunately, recreated with an empty pipette and iPhone 5, because the original photo was "mislaid" by me on the hard drive. :-(

Once this is done, you can turn your iPhone back on and check whether the button now works better. In my case this was the case, but it did not work reliably every time it was pressed. After a day, the situation got a little worse again, so I played the same game with the second ampoule. After this treatment, the button did its job again and has been doing this for over 6 months without having a "relapse".

Conclusion: expensive but effective

Sure, calculated on the milliliter of liquid, the price of almost 30 EUR for the 3 ampoules is quite a lot when you consider that you can get a new home button including tools for less than 10 EUR. But if I include the nerves and the time it would take to install a new button for me, the bottom line is that I would rather pay the 30 EUR for the iFixTheButton set.

In terms of effectiveness, there is nothing to complain about. The home button on the iPhone 4 that I covered has been working reliably for over half a year. I cannot say whether the same result would also be achieved with pure alcohol. My iPhone is too important to me to want to carry out chemical experiments on it just to save a few euros in the best case scenario.

If you want to buy the iFixTheButton Set, you can find it in the Amazon shop, for example:

iFixTheButton repair kit
The iPhone 4 / 4s home button repair set WITHOUT opening the device. Price approx. 30 EUR.


Refund warranty

Incidentally, on Amazon you can also find some customer reports that were unsuccessful after the treatment. The manufacturer of the set reimbursed them for the purchase price after asking the support team. So you take a small risk if you want to try the set.

Here I also found the manufacturer's instruction video. There you can see exactly how you should do it:


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