Changing the iPhone 6 battery: Replace it yourself

iphone 6 battery replacement instructions guide

Become Change iPhone 6 battery you can get extensive help online and in the form of battery packs and other accessories. After more than two years on the market, you can be the first to dare to buy it without having to worry about losing your guarantee or warranty - because neither of these is applicable to you. So if you have battery problems with the iPhone 6 and not the urge to keep one Power Bank to use, then replacing the battery can be the saving step. Here you can get tips and advice on the right tools. Attention: the linked instructions and the linked products cannot be transferred to the iPhone 6 Plus, 6s or 6s Plus. There are other teardowns and batteries for that.

Remove the iphone 6 battery change

Replacing the iPhone 6 battery - you can do this if you proceed step by step and use the right tools. Information and further links can be found in this article. Image: iFixit

Open the iPhone, loosen the Li-ion battery and replace it

To be able to change the iPhone 6 battery, the smartphone must of course first be opened. Sensitivity and a procedure according to instructions using the appropriate tools are the magic words here. Should you already be like the team from iFixit equipped, then you don't need any further help, I guess. If you still need tools, you will get tips according to the next picture. But first the link to the iPhone 6 teardown from iFixit.

open iphone 6 remove ifixit battery

If you want to replace the iPhone 6 battery, then you inevitably have to open the smartphone. The boys and girls at iFixit have step-by-step instructions for you. Image: iFixit

Now we come to the right tools and the batteries that you can use as a replacement for the original. As with ours Article about the iPhone 6s battery let's focus on two sets. The first comes from again dinosaur cell. It brings besides that Tools a suitable battery with 1.810 mAh for opening the iPhone. This corresponds to the capacity of the original battery.

Replace the dinocell iphone battery

The Dinocell set for replacing the iPhone battery in the 6 model. Image: Amazon

On average, more but slightly worse (albeit still good overall) ratings are also achieved by the set of GIGA Fixxoo With. It is visually more appealing, but has fewer accessories. The battery also has the original capacity.

giga fixxoo set iphone 6 change battery swap iphone open open tool

Nice packaging, small content: the GIGA Fixxoo set comes with an equivalent battery, but fewer tools. Image: Amazon

Is a complete set absolutely necessary?

Of course, you can also simply order a single new battery for the iPhone 6. But then you should already have the right tool for opening and closing the smartphone. Especially the special screws used by Apple cannot be loosened with a conventional screwdriver. That is why two screwdrivers are included in the two sets presented. And since the price seems okay, I would rather use a set to be on the safe side.

Battery case: alternative for all those who don't like handicrafts and cautious users

Before opening the iPhone you should of course make a backupin case something actually goes wrong. To avoid this risk and other eventualities, you can alternatively use a Battery case for the iPhone 6 use. This does not solve the smartphone's capacity problem, but it does counteract the symptoms. In contrast to a power bank, the battery case is always connected to the device, so you don't have to wait for any nasty surprises before counteracting it. Here are two suggestions for iPhone 6 battery cases:

Replacing the iPhone 6 battery: is it worth it?

If the only problem with your iPhone is the weak battery performance, then replacing the battery may well be the solution. With the instructions from iFixit and the sets from Dinocell or GIGA Fixxoo you can also change the iPhone battery as a layman. A risk-free and cheaper alternative for offers like the one from ToullGo, however, are battery cases for the iPhone.

What do you choose? Would you prefer a new battery and slim iPhone or an untouched iPhone with a little more size thanks to the battery case?


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