Apple iPhone 6 charging cable - which one can I use?

Amazon Basics iPhone 6 charging cable

The iPhone 6 charging cable is the connection cable between Mac and iPhone or USB plug-in power supply and Apple iPhone. It doesn't matter whether you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 6s or iPhone 6 plus or 6s plus, because all these Apple smartphones have a Lightning connector and can be connected to the same charging cable. Of course, the newer iPads (iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro) and also the iPod nano (from 7th generation) and the iPod Touch (from 5th generation) have this data connection. In the delivery state, the devices always come with a power supply unit or charger and the USB cable with Lightning connector.

Amazon Basics iPhone 6 charging cable

The Amazon Basics cable is inexpensive and suitable as an iPhone 6 charging cable (Photos: Amazon).

Supported Apple iPhone models

  • iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6s / 6s Plus

USB to Lightning charging cable - these cables can be used

In principle, all cell phone data cables with a USB connector on one side and a Lightning connector on the other can be used to charge your iPhone. With every iPhone (from version 5 - also with the iPhone 6 and 6 s plus) such a cable from Apple is already included, but you often need a replacement because you still need one for charging in the car (with a car adapter) or in the office needed. Now the question arises as to which cable one should use.

Important: "mfi certification"

mfi certification = made for iPhone

mfi certification = made for iPhone: The Amazon Basics cable has the certification.

The selection of Lightning cables is relatively large, but you should only buy those that are also "mfi-certified". This certification guarantees that the cable complies with Apple's specified specifications. If you use a different cable, it can happen that the iPhone reports an error when connecting and does not start the charging process.

A preselection of iPhone charging cables

In an older post I went into detail about a Test of Lightning USB cables dedicated. If you like, you can read a lot of details about the quality of the iPhone data cables there. But who only can quickly find a selection of good and affordable iPhone charging cables, who can use my personal list of recommendations for shopping on Amazon. All of the following charging cables are natural mfi certified:

There are of course a number of other cable offers that are both mfi-certified and also work as charging cables for the iPhone. However, the above selection of Lightning cables offers a good pre-selection and Rampow's lifetime warranty is definitely a plus for this manufacturer. If you are looking for a cable in red, gold or silver, you can, for example, use the Powerline models from Anker look through.

A 3-in-1 cable that supports both Lightning and micro-USB and USB-C combined. This can be used not only as an iPhone 6 charging cable but also as a charging cable for the Kindle, for power banks or current MacBooks:

equinux tizi Schlitzohr - USB-C, Lightning and Micro-USB multi-cable (1m, black), charging cable, ...
  • NEW The ingenious 3-in-1 cable with three possible standard connections: USB-C, Lightning and Micro-USB (port ends ...
  • Apple Mfi certified. Compatible with Apple and Android devices for fast charging. Additionally full ...
  • High-speed charging guaranteed - thanks to tizi Power Lanes (high-end copper braid with 35 individual wires). Long lasting ...

You can of course not only use these cables as data cables for synchronization with iTunes, but also for charging on the power supply. They work just as well as the original Apple charging cable on the corresponding USB charger.

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Adapter from 30-pin to Lightning

Of course there are some older docking stations or audio docks that still have the old 30-pin termination that Apple used in the past. If you still want to use your iOS device with a Lightning connector, you can use an adapter that connects these two connectors. Here, however, you have to make sure that audio is also transmitted if you want to use the device for audio transmission.

Bestseller no. 2
Charging cable with power supply replacement for iPhone, charger compatible with iPhone 11 11 Pro Max Xr X Xs...
Charging cable with power supply replacement for iPhone, charger compatible with iPhone 11 11 Pro Max Xr X Xs...
【Please pay attention to your choice】The cable is not suitable for Android devices.
9,99 EUR
Bestseller no. 3
OKCS 30 8 adapter to 30 pin - no audio transmission No data transmission - compatible for...
OKCS 30 8 adapter to 30 pin - no audio transmission No data transmission - compatible for...
⚡ UNIVERSAL ADAPTER - specially developed for all s with a connection; ⚡ FEATURES - on 30 pin
9,95 EUR

With these adapters you can also use new iPhones with an old dock. If you want to buy a new dock right away, you can find it here a list of the best Lightning docking stationsthat can also be used for the iPhone 6 in conjunction with the charging cable.


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