iPhone 7 detects a defective home button and independently offers an alternative

iphone 7 home button on screen on screen error detection homebutton broken

Of course it is iPhone 7 "the best iPhone ever"Until next year the iPhone 8 will be presented, possibly with the Home Button disappeared is. Whether the current Apple smartphone should prepare for the innovation or whether the automatic notification in the event of a defective home button is just a smart service, that will probably only remain speculation until September 2017. He is always helpful.

Your home button is defective, use the virtual one!

The home button is no longer the same on the iPhone 7 anyway. Instead of a mechanical button, there is a pressure-sensitive component that vibrates to confirm usage. Whether this is intended as a transition to the button-less iPhone will probably remain a subject of speculation for some time to come. However, now shows among other things MacRumors.comthat a defect in the new component of the iPhone 7 can be detected by iOS 10. The user is informed accordingly; an alternative is offered.

iphone 7 home button on screen on screen error detection homebutton broken

If the home button fails on the iPhone 7 under iOS 10, it appears loud MacRumors.com such a message (image excerpt from linked page stolen)

"MacRumors forum member 'iwayne' shared the above picture of his iPhone 7 after the device unexpectedly switched off while charging and the haptic feedback [of the home button] after rebooting began to fail."You can read about the picture on the English-language specialist page.

Update could fix home button malfunction

The failure of the home button can occur, among other things, when iOS 10 freezes or another software error related to the system occurs. Corresponding troubleshooting on the part of Apple by means of an update for iOS 10 could solve this problem. To do this, however, the programming error must first be found. In the meantime, affected users can use a On screen home button use.

assistive touch ios9 ios 10 iphone 7 home button on screen on screen error detection homebutton broken

Assistive Touch under iOS enables, among other things, the operation of the iPhone with one hand; Image source: support.apple.com

The virtual home button on the display has been available since iOS 6. Before iOS 10, however, it was part of the "AssistiveTouch" function, which should enable the operation of the iPhone for people with reduced mobility. Have you already had experience with one of the two versions of the On Screen Home Button? Feel free to leave a comment!


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