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IP67 for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Is the iPhone 7 just a better version of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s or is the upgrade really worth it? Do you get noticeably better technology? I guess so. I have some thoughts about the Switch from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 made and came to the conclusion that I will definitely use the new model. Since I haven't had any of the big plus devices yet and I also have the IPhone 7 Plus camera irritates, I have decided on this. So look forward to a hands-on;)

Which speaks for the upgrade from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7

As already noted, the new camera technology really appealed to me. The selectable optical zoom, the terrific digital zoom and the image stabilizer ... perfect for someone like me who actually only takes photos with the iPhone! I am not dissatisfied with the quality of the pictures on the iPhone 6 per se; but there is always better!

iphone 7 plus cameras it is worth changing the iphone 6 camera
What moves me the most to switch from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7: the cameras; Image source: Apple Keynote 2016

Another argument for switching to the iPhone 7 (Plus) is the faster TouchID fingerprint sensor. Especially if you compare the iPhone 6 (without s) here, the newer model is much better. If the unlocking of the 6 takes up to a full second, the 7 can be unlocked almost when you pull it out of your pocket.

Further arguments for the iPhone 7 Plus

I have already addressed it in several articles and I like to repeat myself in this case: the memory! In the future, especially with the ever-improving photography, with Live Photos and 4K videos and other gimmicks, extensive Apps, etc., more and more memory is simply necessary. In addition, you can and want to always have music and one or the other series with you. Speaking of Live Photos, since I'm using the iPhone 6 and not the 6s, I haven't enjoyed them yet.

The iPhone 6 is also "already" two years old. So if you use the device for business and can justify your new edition for the iPhone 7 (Plus) in the tax audit, you can replace the "old" device as written off. Together with the other arguments, that's fine good reasons to buy the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus.

From my point of view, arguments against the change ...

If I put myself in the shoes of users who don't value photography with the iPhone as much as I do, then there are only minor upgrades: stereo speakers, a slightly better display, ForceTouch and the faster TouchID. In addition, it is again a faster processor available, but so far my iPhone 6 has never paralyzed or otherwise made me long for more power in this regard.

iPhone 7 Plus data sheet
iPhone 7 Plus data sheet straight from the Apple Keynote 2016

On the other hand, I naturally see the need from power users and gamers to buy the new iPhone 7 or 7 Plus because of the stereo speakers and the faster processor. At the keynote it was explained and shown in detail which game options are available on the new devices (not just Super Mario Run;)).

Speaking of software: The new iOS 6 operating system also runs great on the iPhone 10. I was also able to make use of the newer features of the iOS 10. So that's not an absolute reason to get the new iPhone.

The biggest argument against buying the iPhone 7 (Plus)

This year Samsung has with its Galaxy Note7 yes several small fireworks already set off. Next year, Apple will be 10th birthday of the iPhone obliged to do the same in a figurative sense. I think there will be an iPhone 2017 in 8, and again and this time it will be “the best iPhone ever” beyond measure. So if you can wait until then, you should perhaps skip the iPhone 7.

Conclusion on switching from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 Plus

There are always arguments for and against taking a step forward. I am now daring two steps forward because I left out the iPhone 6s. Maybe I'm annoyed that I took the plunge in 2016, but that will only become apparent with the Apple Keynote 2017. Until then, I will certainly take a lot of great photos with my iPhone 7 Plus;)

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4 Responses to “Switch from iPhone 6 to iPhone 7? Sir Apfelot will do it!”

  1. Interesting article. Personally, I would like a 7 Plus with 256 GB in SE size. For me as an enthusiastic switch from IPhone 6 128 GB to IPhone SE 64 GB that would be THE smartphone at the moment.

    1. Hello Horst! Yes, the iPhone SE is the right size for your pocket. But I have to say that the rounded edges of the iPhone 6 rub my trouser pockets much less in the back than the 5 did back then. I'll get my 7 Plus at the beginning of October and I'm really excited to see how it feels when you carry this "chocolate bar" with you all day. I suppose I put it on the table every time I sit down...
      But I'm looking forward to the large display. With the small 6, I keep noticing that I always struggle a little with the small space when reading articles. I will definitely write a review when I have had a chance to try it out a bit!

  2. So, in December '16 I've had the 6 plus for 24 months and I'm still quite satisfied. And interestingly, I wear it mostly in my right. back pocket and put it on the table when you sit down. The size of the display is optimal; I can no longer imagine a smaller iPhone. Based on your explanations, I will now wait for the iPhone 8 in 2017 and then probably buy it “double” (1 x the 8 plus and once the “normal” size because the “plus size” is not always an advantage).

    1. Hi Uwe! Thanks for your comment! I didn't find the change in size so tragic either. Writing messages with one hand is sometimes a bit of hand yoga, but otherwise I'm very happy with the iPhone 7 plus. But I noticed the missing headphone jack straight away in the car. But let's be honest: I just plug an adapter into it and it's good. I can't understand the excitement of some people.

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