iPhone 8 / Plus battery capacity: That's how much mAh the new Apple smartphones have

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On Tuesday were in the newly inaugurated Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park next to the Apple Watch Series 3 and the iPhone X the two smartphones iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were also presented to the public. Tim Cook and colleagues were once again silent about technical details such as the battery capacity or the main memory. This is nothing new and that's why it's all the more exciting that I can show you their battery capacities in mAh even before the official release of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

How much mAh do the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have? Here you can find the battery charges for the new Apple smartphones! (Background graphic: Apple.com)

How much mAh do the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have? Here you can find the battery charges for the new Apple smartphones! (Background graphic: Apple.com)

Apple iPhone 8 battery capacity

The Apple iPhone 8 has a battery capacity of 1.821 mAh. If that doesn't seem like a thing, you're basically right. Because the iPhone 7 still had 1.960 mAh and the iPhone 7 Plus had a total of 2.910 mAh. However, Apple states that the same, if not longer, battery life can be expected from the new models with a smaller battery. The new A11 Bionic CPU and the hardware, which is still more energy-efficient, should ensure this.

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How much mAh does the Apple iPhone 8 Plus have?

The A8 Bionic processor chip and other energy-saving hardware are also used on the iPhone 11 Plus. In addition, the iOS 11 operating system should also work more efficiently. One more reason for Apple to create more space for other technology on the iPhone 8 Plus with a smaller battery. The maximum battery capacity for this device is 2.675 mAh. That is still more than the iPhone 7, but less than the corresponding Plus model.

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Maximum electrical charge in comparison

The higher the maximum charge of a battery in mAh (milliampere hours), the longer you can use the corresponding device. Here I have put together a small overview of current smartphones and their battery capacities so that you have a comparison:

Smartphone mockup Max. Battery charge
iPhone 8 1.821 mAh
8 iPhone Plus 2.675 mAh
iPhone 7 1.960 mAh
7 iPhone Plus 2.910 mAh
Samsung Galaxy S8 3.000 mAh
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 3.300 mAh

Sources for the information

You might be wondering where I got the information, even though no one has yet been able to tear apart the new Apple smartphones, not even the reliable source iFixit.com. Well, I looked up the model numbers of the iPhone 8 (A1863) and iPhone 8 Plus (A1864) on Google along with the URL of the website of the Chinese regulatory authority TENAA and I found it this and on this Side bumped. The characters say nothing to me, but the pictures and the data on the display, its resolution, the device size, etc. match the Apple data. And that's why the battery capacities of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus can be assigned.



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