Cause and solution: iPhone has been causing problems since December 02.12.2017nd, XNUMX (reboot)

Not in Love: iOS 11.1.2 and December 02.12.2017nd, XNUMX - but there is a solution so that iOS and December will love each other again! (Photo:

Yesterday I read articles a couple of times that reported problems with iOS version 11.1.2 that only appeared since December 02.12.2017nd, 7. I could not understand this myself, however, because the iPhone XNUMX Plus and the iPad were running without any problems. But this morning a reader asked me a question that at first I could only give a shot in the dark:

Dear Sir, my iPhone 8 requests my code or Touch ID every few seconds, even when it is idle. It is already quite warm and draws electricity. I've now fully exhibited it. What can I do?

My answer to that:

That kind of sounds like software problems. If restarting doesn't help, I would see if he might find something new under General - Software update. And the last option would be to restore from a passwordless backup using iTunes. If it is not password protected, only the most important things are fetched from the backup and the rest is done again. This is also helpful for clearing out every few years. :-) I hope some of it helps!

A few hours later, Rüdiger wrote back to me that he could localize the problem and fix it. It was what Apple already said in a small support article here. described. There is already one on the platform very long thread about this, which describes the various problems with iOS 11.1.2 and the special date.

Not in Love: iOS 11.1.2 and December 02.12.2017nd, XNUMX - but there is a solution so that iOS and December will love each other again! (Photo:

Not in Love: iOS 11.1.2 and December 02.12.2017nd, XNUMX - but there is a solution so that iOS and December will love each other again! (Photo:

Symptoms on the iPhone or iPad

What happens when the error occurs are various things that I have summarized here in a list. If any of these have hit you for a few days, read the solution below.

  • the iPhone hangs in a boot loop (always reboots)
  • the iPhone keeps asking for the Touch ID
  • you see the spinning circle again and again when booting and no Apple logo
  • the springboard (home screen and all Appicons) keeps restarting and asking for the passcode, but then restarts again)


My reader Rüdiger wrote that the following worked for him. He set the time back to a date before December 2.12.2017nd, 11.2 and then installed the iOS XNUMX update. The time can then be set to "automatic" again without the iPhone hanging up. Thanks for the hint, Rüdiger!

In the support thread on there are the following approaches:

  • If the iPhone hangs in "respring" (not reboot), you can still update it via iTunes. This is recommended because a complete reset of the iPhone would lose the photos that are not yet in iCloud or that have not been imported.
  • For a while, deactivating local notifications was also a tip in order to prevent the constant restart of the device. You can find this under "Settings" -> "Messages".

I already had iOS 11.2 installed anyway, but so far I haven't been able to complain about problems with the iPhone. So unfortunately I can only recommend the tips that I was able to read myself. I haven't tried anything. But if you haven't installed iOS 11.2 yet, now would be the right time before the goat circus begins!

Have a nice rest of the 1st Advent!


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  1. Bjorn says:

    I can confirm the problem as described. I had the problem since December 05.12th. about 0:10 a.m., so it could not be precisely defined via December 02.12.2017nd, XNUMX.
    Constant new registration via PIN entry. Then about 5-8 seconds to go into the settings and then thrown back by the "rotating loading symbol" to enter the PIN.
    The tip with the deactivation of the messages under Settings / Messages helped, even if I had to do a lot of laps, because every 5-8 seconds the loop starts from the beginning.
    Maybe it's wrong, but after I got to Whatsapp and disabled the notifications, the loop stopped. Maybe just try Whatsapp first. But it could also have been a coincidence, after all, there aren't many apps after "W" ...
    IOS could then be updated. Then I reactivated all notifications under the apps and have not had any problems since then.

    Thanks for the helpful tip !!!!!

    • sir appleot says:

      Hi Bjorn! Thank you for your hint! Probably I was spared because I always type NO when an app wants to send me notifications. That's why it should only be a very manageable number for me. But Whatsapp was definitely with me. So it shouldn't really be due to WhatsApp in particular. But it doesn't matter. Now we have 11.2 on it and nothing more should happen! : D

  2. Manual says:

    I can confirm the problem too! It's December 10.12.2017th, 11.2 - after an update to February XNUMXth. everything seems to be back to normal. Only getting there first is a customer if the system reboots over and over again -.- - thanks Apple!

  3. Sabine says:

    Hello and thank you for the information here - which helped!
    I have been affected since today (December 10.12th), exactly since I set a daily reminder in the (yesterday) installed app "Calm". The problems occurred immediately afterwards. This app was in the Reddid thread among others. listed as one that could cause problems. For me, too, the loop came every few seconds and then the code input request. I was also able to use a few seconds to deactivate all notifications under "Messages", and at some point from the middle (in my opinion possibly directly under C for "Calm" :) I was able to deactivate everything without the loop appearing. I immediately updated to iOS 11.2 afterwards, ran without any problems, then reactivated the notification functions (this time for selected apps;) - and it works even after I reactivated in Calm for a test.
    Super thank you!


  4. Daniela says:

    I use IOS 11.2 on an IPHONE 5 and am constantly asked for the password for my Apple ID, especially for updates of apps. I only have free apps. Up to now, updates via the AppStore were possible without entering the password. I'm very insecure and I'm not doing any updates at the moment, but that's crap too.
    In the settings, a red circle is activated in the Apple ID settings, this window cannot be opened. Can someone help?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Daniela! So you can make updates without hesitation. The problem with the reboot has been fixed ... and after an update it can happen that you are asked for your Apple ID password more often than usual, since many areas in the iOS want to renew this authentication, but that should change after a few Give days ..

      I don't know what the red circle in your Apple ID settings is. Can you tell me exactly how to get to this menu again?

      And because of the password query for free apps: You can set this by looking in the following menu:
      Settings> [Your Name]> iTunes & App Store
      Then you select the item "Password settings" and there you can then specify whether free apps should be installed only with a password. Here again the corresponding one Apple support page HT204030.

      I hope this helps you!

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