iPhone guide: Stop sharing content with others

In addition to data security and privacy options, Apple also offers options for connecting with others and sharing certain content on Mac, iPhone and other devices. In this way, certain photo albums, location, calendar, fitness progress and so on can be shared. If you want to check who you're sharing what with, or if you want to stop sharing content with others, the following checklist will help you. This is one of our guides for safe use of Apple devices:

Want to stop sharing content with others? Find tips for Family Sharing, Find My, Photos, Calendar, Watch Activity, and more in this iPhone checklist!

Want to stop sharing content with others? Find tips for Family Sharing, Find My, Photos, Calendar, Watch Activity, and more in this iPhone checklist!

Apple checklist for shared content on iPhone

In January 2022, Apple published the "Personal Safety User Guide" for personal safety on devices such as Macs, iPhones, iPads and the like. This is currently only available in English. With the posts linked above and the following list for checking shared content, you will at least get an excerpt from it in German. Here are the translated tips from the Stop sharing with someone you previously shared with checklist:

  1. You can check whether you are part of a family release in Settings -> Own name. If a family or family sharing tab appears there, then you are sharing content and you can also see who you are sharing it with.
  2. If you are older than 13 years old, you can remove yourself from the family group of Apple devices using the method mentioned above. As a Family Sharing organizer, you can only remove children under the age of 13 yourself. 
  3. In the where is? app, you can see who you're sharing your location with in the "People" tab. To stop sharing, simply select the relevant person and then stop sharing the location with the appropriate option. In the "Me" tab, you can also turn off "Share my location" to stop sharing information with everyone.
  4. In the Photos app you will find the "Shared albums" section in the "Albums" tab, at least if you use shared photo albums. If you created the shared photo album yourself, you can remove subscribers. If you're following someone else's shared album, you can use the "Unsubscribe" option.
  5. In the calendar app you will find, if available, the calendars shared by or with you. You can see who the data in it is shared with via the info section of each calendar. Here, too, as the author or subscriber, you can use the respective options to stop sharing.
  6. Data from the Apple Watch, such as fitness progress, can also be shared with others. On the iPhone, you can use the Activity app to see who you're sharing sports activity info with via the "Share" option. Now you can either mute notifications, hide progress or remove friends.
  7. Third-party apps also provide the ability to share information with others. To check, simply look through all the apps in the app library (swipe left on all home screens to get there). In their settings or sharing options there should also be functions to stop data sharing.

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