iPhone memory full: tips and tricks for more space on the Apple smartphone

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If the iPhone memory is full, some people resort to the simplest trick in the world, namely deleting music, pictures, films and similar media. However, there are a few other ways to free up the Apple smartphone's memory a bit. Especially with the "small" models with 8 GB or 16 GB of internal memory, users will often have to free the data carrier from too many bits and bytes. How to do this and how you can use a simple trick to clear the iPhone cache without an additional app, I'll show you in this article.

If the iPhone memory is full, there are several ways to empty it. Delete pictures and apps or use a trick to clear the cache at lightning speed.

If the iPhone memory is full, there are several ways to empty it. Delete pictures and apps or use a trick to clear the cache at lightning speed.

Free up iPhone memory: delete pictures, empty folder "Recently deleted"

Starting with iOS 8, Apple has set up a small backup for deleted pictures for iPhone and iPad, the folder Last deleted. This keeps deleted photos for 30 days in case they need to be recovered. This can be useful if you accidentally delete photos or other important images. However, if the iPhone memory is full and you want to do something about it or counteract the filling iPad memory, then that is of course annoying. Therefore, look after deleting the photos within the Camera app after the folder Last deleted and deletes the images that have been moved there - this should now free up storage space.

iPhone memory full? Another standard trick is: delete apps

Most certainly have one or two apps on their iPhone or iPad that they only use sporadically or in an acute attack of boredom. News apps from Tagesschau via Spiegel Online to other providers could also be removed as an app and instead opened as a website in Safari. When looking through your apps (Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud usage -> Manage storage) simply ask yourself: do I really need them or can they go? Of course, at some point you will get to the point where there are really only important apps left, but the iPhone memory will again be full. There is the following trick for this:

Empty the iPhone cache: With a trick, without an app, and in seconds

Apple gives in its Support article About the iPhone memory a few tips (intentional or unintentional) how to empty the cache of iPhone or iPad in no time:

"If your device is running out of space, iOS will optimize the space while it does other things, [...] To make more storage space, iOS removes some of your items, such as: B. streamed music and videos as well as parts of unnecessary apps. It also removes temporary files and clears the cache on your device. iOS only removes items that can be re-downloaded or are no longer needed."

But how do you get iOS to throw as many and large files and remnants of files from the cache as possible - quickly and without an additional app? The magic word here is: rent films without renting films! In short: set iTunes to allow you to rent or buy films every time password secured want to perform. Then select a long film (2001: A Space Odyssey, Titanic, Lord of the Rings) in HD quality to rent. If you are now asked for the password, tap on Abort. This process ensures that the iOS memory is freed up in the background, but you do not have to borrow a film for a fee;)

Article tip: External expansion of the iPhone memory with this gadget

More tips and tricks?

How often is your iPhone storage full? What do you do when the memory of your Apple smartphone is low? Feel free to leave a comment and also your opinion on the advice given here! :)

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