iPhone SE 2 is now available for rent from Grover

Rent a iPhone SE 2

Today I got from Grover an email with the note that the new iPhone SE 2 (model from 2020) can now be rented there. If you want to get the 64 GB model in black, white or red for a month on a test basis, you pay a good 60 euros for the month with the rental service and 45 euros per month for three months. When I checked the Grover website, only the white iPhone was still available, but they usually fetch new supplies when they notice that certain devices are working well.

You can find the exact price scale for the rent here:

  • 1 month: 59,90 EUR / month
  • 3 months: 44,90 EUR / month
  • 6 months: 34,90 EUR / month
  • 12 months: 27,90 EUR / month

I am always wondering whether I should get a new iPhone model for a month for a test post on my blog, but so far I have always lacked time to get things done here. But even if you only privately consider getting a certain iPhone model, the monthly rental price is still halfway within the framework.

You can rent the iPhone SE 2 on Grover for a term of one month or more (Graphic: grover.com).
You can rent the iPhone SE 2 on Grover for a term of one month or more (Graphic: grover.com).

Repairs covered to 90%

What I find positive about Grover is that in the event of damage, 90% of the repair costs are covered by Grover. I would still only use the iPhone with a case, because I am extremely bumbling and it slips out of my pocket or out of my hand every few days, but it is good to know that you do not have to expect high costs in any case Has.

Maybe also interesting: My contribution to good cases that fit the iPhone SE 2.

Here you can see the advantages of Grover at a glance.
Here you can see the advantages of Grover at a glance.

My experience with Grover

I've wanted to write a long article about Grover the whole time, but for now here's a quick look at my experience with the service.

I had reason to use Grover a few months ago when my MacBook Pro was sent to Apple because of a bloated battery. The exchange took a few weeks and during that time I would have missed my daily work tools - an intolerable condition.

I was looking for a replacement device and came across Grover in this context. Renting there is extremely easy and transparent. Within two days I was able to hack on a new MacBook Pro, which reached me in its original packaging and still sealed.

I opted for a monthly rental and then kept the MacBook Pro for two months. The whole campaign cost me almost 400 euros, but more than a month without tools would have been significantly more expensive - from that point of view I'm extremely happy that there are services like Grover.

If you as a drone photographer do not always have the latest model from DJI, you can simply rent it for a month for a lucrative order - unfortunately my drone is standing around most of the time due to German jurisdiction, which is why I'm not buying a new model for the time being more.
If you as a drone photographer don't always want to buy the latest model from DJI yourself, you can simply rent it for a month for a lucrative job. Unfortunately, due to German jurisdiction, my drone is on the shelf most of the time, which is why I'm not buying a new model for the time being.

A free month for you and me

If you're considering using Grover, you can this link here use. In that case, you will get one month free for a rental period of three months or more and I will also get a free month if I use Grover again.

Incidentally, in addition to iPhone and MacBook models, Grover also offers game consoles, drones, televisions and all sorts of other gadgets. The new DJI Mavic Air 2 will soon be found on Grover - another gadget that I would love to rent.

I hope the post didn't come across as an advertisement because I'm not affiliated with Grover and I don't get any money from the store. The recommendation here is simply based on my positive experience with the rental service.



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  1. I have now also tested it, ordered a fenix 6Pro last Sunday, the package went out on Monday, it arrived on Tuesday, but was brought to the post office because I was not there. Wednesday I wanted to pick it up, personal details were necessary, unfortunately the post was already closed. So it only worked on Thursday. Now let's see

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