Shazam as an iPhone widget: recognize a song without having to search for the app

Apple released another update for the Shazam mobile app yesterday. After July update, thanks to which the recognition of music from apps like YouTube or TikTok works, the embedding of the service on the lock screen is now on the agenda. So since yesterday you can place two Shazam widgets - a small one that can only be used to start music recognition, and a large one that also names the last recognized song. The whole thing sounds practical at first, but still requires unlocking the iPhone to use it. You can find out how to use Shazam without unlocking here!

Shazam version 15.38 has been released for the iPhone and iPad. Thanks to this, two lock screen widgets can now be placed on iOS. You can read here why I still prefer the control center shortcut.
Shazam version 15.38 has been released for the iPhone and iPad. Thanks to this, two lock screen widgets can now be placed on iOS. You can read here why I still prefer the control center shortcut.

Setting up the Shazam widget on the iPhone lock screen: Here's how!

When your iPhone is unlocked, you can easily edit the lock screen by pressing and holding it. Then the current design moves to the back and you can swipe left and right to select other designs. If you want to add Shazam widgets to the current or one of the other designs, this is how it works:

  1. Tap the "Customize" button under the theme selection
  2. Then select the one on the left lock screen from
  3. Tap below the clock Add widgets
  4. Scroll down the suggestions and choose Shazam from
  5. Select by swiping to the side whether you want the small or medium tile want to use (you can also place both next to each other)
  6. Closes the widgets suggestions with the x icon top right
  7. Finish customizing the screen with the "Done" button at the top right
  8. Tap the customized lock screen to set it as your choice

Use Shazam on a locked iPhone: Here's how!

Being able to use Shazam immediately after waking up the iPhone display is handy. Especially when you're on the go, discovering a great song at a party, or want to quickly identify music in a store without a lot of input, and the like. The only problem is that either the Face ID has to react directly or you have to enter your unlock code after tapping the widget - rather impractical when you're on the go and strangers can watch.

I brought you the solution to use Shazam on a locked iPhone already shown in July. To do this, simply bring the app to the quick selection control center. All you have to do is swipe down from the top right corner of the display and then tap the Shazam icon. The music recognition is then triggered and you are informed of the recognized song as a push notification. Since the complete instructions for this, including screenshots, can already be viewed in the linked article, here is just the short version: Settings -> control center -> musicerkennung.

Shazam on the App Store: Download here

More useful widgets on iPhone

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