Extend iPhone X battery life: Smart Invert, grayscale and black pixels

Apple iPhone X save battery, screen brightness, invert colors, activate grayscale

The Apple iPhone X is the first smartphone from Cupertino that a OLED display instead of an LCD display. This means that the screen is no longer fully backlit, but that each LED or OLED emits light individually as a pixel. This brings up some new possibilities for conserving the battery. So if you want to save the iPhone X battery, the following tips and tricks will help you.

To save the iPhone X battery, it is best to activate a wallpaper in black, the Smart Invert mode and the gray level instead of colored displays. Details on all of the tips below.

To save the iPhone X battery, it is best to activate a wallpaper in black, the Smart Invert mode and the gray level instead of colored displays. Details on all of the tips below.

Smart Invert as "night mode"

If you use the iPhone X with iOS 11, then you can do the so-called in the display adjustment Smart Invest, so activate the clever color inversion. Some sources also speak of an alternative "night mode" or a "dark mode". The setting ensures that the display is turned negative, which is particularly helpful when surfing the Internet, where a much lighter background with little black can be seen as writing. Except in third-party apps, the “smart” color inversion ensures that images and videos are displayed in the correct colors. And so you can activate the setting:

Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Display adjustments -> Reverse colors -> Smart Invert

By the way, you can set up this setting as a shortcut as a convenience. Have you done this, you can go through pressing the side button three times quickly activate or deactivate the Smart Invert.


If you activate the grayscale on the iPhone X, you will save even more battery power. Since no colors have to be displayed, not only are there no activities on the display - the CPU and graphics processor are also relieved somewhat. You can activate grayscale under iOS 11 on the iPhone X, just as it is possible with other iPhone models with an LCD instead of an OLED display:

Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Display adjustments -> Color filter -> grayscale

Black background

Whether on the lock screen, the home screen, as a background on WhatsApp or elsewhere in the system - a completely black background ensures that the OLEDs remain off in the appropriate place. Unlike the display of colors or white (consumes the most electricity), a black background, just like the Smart Invert mode when surfing, can also be useful for checking time, searching for apps and other activities for saving the iPhone X battery. Apple even provides a completely black background in iOS 11 in the standard wallpapers.

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Tips from AppleInsider

The tips and tricks to save battery on the iPhone X come from the English source AppleInsider.com. In the test of the site, among other things, the Internet browser Safari was left open for three hours at full screen brightness, but with Smart Invert. For comparison, Safari was also left activated for three hours, but in normal view. The result is convincing and shows how easy it is to extend the battery life:

  • Smart Invert: battery from 100% to 85% after three hours
  • No Smart Invert: battery from 100% to 28% after three hours

Further information on the test, the respective settings and info graphics on the power consumption of OLED displays and their individual colors can be found in the video below. First of all, here is the briefest summary of the topic from Neil Hughes, the author of AppleInsider:

Extend iPhone X Battery Life: Video

If you want to protect your iPhone X battery and save power, then the tips above will surely help you. Here you can find the individual statements by Neil Hughes again in moving images with sound. Do you have any questions or comments, tips or hints on how to save battery power on your iPhone? Then please leave a comment under this post;)


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