iPhone X display: 5,8 inch OLED screen

The new Apple iPhone X has a 5,8 inch Super Retina display with OLED technology and a resolution of 2.436 x 1.125 pixels at 458 ppi. This is the highest pixel density in an iPhone display to date. The Apple iPhone X display for upcoming smartphones from Cupertino is also setting new standards in other matters. The screen of the anniversary iPhone, which was presented in the Steve Jobs Theater by Tim Cook and his crew, has rounded corners and with iOS 11 a usable software alternative to the physical home button, which has fallen victim to the full-screen display.

Information and data on the iPhone X display with OLED technology and 5,8 inch diagonal. The first Super Retina HD display from Apple.

Information and data on the iPhone X display with OLED technology and 5,8 inch diagonal. The first Super Retina HD display from Apple.

iPhone X display: OLED technology of the future

The Great retina display of the Apple iPhone X is so named because it combines the advantages of the mobile retina screens already in use with the advantages of OLED technology. Apple had to take into account the disadvantages of OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diode) in order to combine real color quality, brilliant colors and high contrast. There are usually disadvantages with OLEDs, especially in terms of brightness, color spectrum and accurate color rendering. However, according to Apple, they eliminated them for the iPhone X display.

The OLEDs in the new Apple smartphone do not have the disadvantages of conventional organic light-emitting diodes. Image: Screenshots from the Keynote stream from the Steve Jobs Theater

The OLEDs in the new Apple smartphone do not have the disadvantages of conventional organic light-emitting diodes. Image: Screenshots from Keynote-Stream from the Steve Jobs Theater

Super Retina Display: resolution, brightness, etc.

The 5,8 inch Super Retina display of the Apple iPhone X has a resolution of 2.436 x 1.125 pixels. It's not 4K yet, but it's better than Full HD. If you just want a full HD display, then you should go for this 8 iPhone Plus which was also presented at the Steve Jobs Theater yesterday! At 458 ppi, the new iPhone X display has the highest pixel density of any previous Apple smartphone. Incidentally, the maximum brightness is 625 cd / m². The contrast should be 1: 1.000.000 and the realistic HDR image reproduction is regulated by the HDR10 standard.

Actual size of 5,85 inches

On the official website for the iPhone X from Apple.com the manufacturer from Cupertino points out the rounded corners of the display. The curves of the screen should follow the design and thus strengthen the overall impression of the product. If you measure the standard rectangle, i.e. with the corners as such and not as curves, you would not only arrive at the specified 5,8 inch screen diagonal, but also 5,85 inches (14,86 cm). "The actual visible area of ​​the screen is smaller.“, But you can read it on the page in the section on the display.

Summary of the data

If it is too troublesome for you, the individual data for Super Retina HD display of the 5,8-inch iPhone X from Apple from the text, then the following list will surely help you. I have the technical data for the smartphone screen of the new premium model in short form Cupertino summarized:

  • 5,8 ″ Super Retina HD display (14,7 cm diagonal)
  • OLED multi-touch display with grease-repellent coating
  • 2436 x 1125 pixels at 458 ppi
  • HDR display with HDR10 standard, P3 color space
  • Typical contrast ratio of 1: 1.000.000
  • Genuine Apple True Tone Display
  • 3D Touch for applications under iOS 11
  • Maximum typical brightness: 625 cd / m²
  • Replacement of the home button with new gestures in iOS 11

Gestures: Replacement for the home button

The iPhone X display has swallowed the home button by extending it to the entire front of the phone. Instead of a virtual home button, which was once a rumor, there are now gestures under iOS 11 for the iPhone Ten that replace the functions of the home button:

  • Swipe up from the very bottom: Displays the home screen
  • Drag from the very bottom to the center: View and manage active apps
  • Swipe left and right at the bottom: Switch between apps
  • Swipe down from top: IOS 11 control center call

Is the screen a selling point?

What do you think of the new Apple iPhone X, which you can hold in your hands from November 2017? Is the new large display with the practical replacement for the 10-year-old home button a selling point for you? What about the resolution, the great color rendering and the cameras (here some data on it) - what is the biggest selling point for you? Please leave a comment with your opinion and your wishes for the upcoming iPhone models from Apple;)


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  1. U. Schoen says:

    And what about the iPencil? Is the fact that it cannot be used on the iPhone again?

    • Johannes Domke says:

      So far, the Apple Pencil can only be used on the iPad Pro with 12,9 inches (2015), 9,7 inches (2016) and 10,5 inches (2017). It is not intended to be used on older iPhone models or the 2017 Apple iPhones X, 8 and 8 Plus.
      The fact that something cannot be used with a device is to be hushed up - that is almost the same as a double negative and seems absurd. It actually just shows an expectation that was not met. If the Apple Pencil could be used, then the circumstance would also have been mentioned ... And with regard to the iPhone, Steve Jobs always said: "No Stylo!" - this year's Apple September event should honor him, not annoy him;)

  2. Ulf Schoen says:

    What use is it to hold up Steve's opinion (honorable!) If the development just continues. Steve would never have allowed 5,8 inches either.
    The trend is clearly towards larger screens, and how fantastic it is to write, draw, etc. on the iPad with the pencil cannot be ignored. With the accessory pens, the iPhone also becomes a better work companion.
    And I'm not the only one who finally wants that

    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Ulf,
      that's all right. I think, however, that Apple wants to take a look at the development of the use of Stylo and pencil on smartphones and improve it for its own use. With 3D Touch, the new OLED display in the iPhone X and the like, there are already some new features and innovations in the display area of ​​the iPhone. It is possible that a pen can be used in the next versions. You have to come to terms with the fact that it is not currently planned. I can also imagine that an Apple Pencil for the iPhone will put the makers in Cupertino to the test in terms of design. Do you always want to carry a pencil around with you or should it be integrated into your smartphone? And how user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing does a Pencil IM iPhone have to be to meet Apple's requirements?
      Or to make it short: Of course there is a desire for an Apple Pencil on the iPhone, but currently nothing indicates that it will be implemented within the framework of the Apple philosophies ... And what I can think of: if the Pencil works exclusively on the iPad Pro, then of course that boosts sales for the tablet more than if all possible functions are also combined in the iPhone;)

  3. amber bat says:

    Hello. When I start films {youtube) or games are the black bars above and below there again and the display may still be 5 inches? Or am I wrong?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello! So the games must of course be specially optimized for the iPhone X, otherwise they will show bars. On YouTube, on the other hand, you can use the two-finger zoom gesture to enlarge the image so that it goes into the corners. Then the bars are gone too. LG!

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