iPhone XR Hard Reset - Force Restart

Sometimes you have to force a restart on the Apple iPhone XR. This is necessary, among other things, if the screen freezes and you can no longer use the touch display, if the buttons on the sides of the device no longer respond, or if there are similar problems. The whole thing can also help with a boot loop or a bugged app. But don't let the term "reset" confuse you, because it is will not to reset to the factory settings. Your data will therefore be retained in the procedure described below. Here are the instructions for the iPhone XR hard reset.

Force restart: iPhone XR hard reset

With the procedure described below you can force an iOS restart, which can be necessary if the device is frozen. Because the keys do not react to regular inputs and the display no longer works due to a bug or system error, then only reaching into the bag of tricks helps. Here are the step-by-step instructions for force restarting the iPhone XR:

  1. Briefly press the "volume up" button (left, top) and release it again
  2. Briefly press the "Volume down" button (left, down) and release it again
  3. Hold down the side button (right) until the Apple logo appears

Force restart the iPhone XR with a hard reset

The Apple iPhone XR hard reset can be worthwhile if the smartphone no longer reacts, is extremely slow or caught in a loop. For example, a bugged app, a faulty iOS update or another error can make the normal operation of the mobile phone as well as the normal switching off and on more difficult or impossible. Then it is worthwhile to force the restart using the trick shown above. Data is not lost because the cell phone is not reset in the traditional sense.

The procedure shown is also used for hard reset on all other iPhone generations with Face ID. With other iPhones that have a home button, the individual steps are slightly different. The above can also be applied to the iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. If you are interested in the iPhone hard reset instructions for the other models, just have a look here: 

You can find the official Apple source on the subject with this link.

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