What is a .f4f file?

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.f4f file extension in the glossaryFiles with the extension .f4f are called Flash MP4 Video Fragments. They are created and used by Adobe Media Server for HTTP dynamic streaming.
These files are to be used as a video stream and can be played back during the download. However, it is not easy to save the f4f files locally in order to watch the film again later. If you still want to download the files, you should look around for the Video DownloadHelper Extension for Firefox. This add-on helps to save files locally on the computer.

On the Mac as well as under Windows, .f4f files can be played with the Flash Player. However, the f4f files are fragments of a stream ('F4F file is a Flash MP4 Video Fragment'), all of which would have to be put together in order to reconstruct the stream.



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  1. juergen says:

    Hello, I tried it and it does NOT work!

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hello Jurgen! What exactly did you try? Open the file in Flash? Or the download tool to save a stream? I have only compiled the information and can unfortunately only help to a limited extent, as I have no experience with it.

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