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iStat Menus from Bjango is a system monitor for the menu bar of the Apple operating systems OS X and macOS in Mac, iMac and MacBook. The current generation of programs iStat Menus 5 is compatible with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and newer. You can also use the Bjango app under macOS 10.12 Sierra to view the CPU temperature, the CPU load, the network throughput and the hard disk space or the storage space usage, along with many other key figures, with one click in the menu bar. There is also an alternative to the single license of the program in the form of a program subscription.

iStat Menus 5 in use: the display of memory, RAM, CPU values, network information and much more is possible.
iStat Menus 5 in use: the display of memory, RAM, CPU values, network information and much more is possible.

System monitor: memory, CPU, RAM and consumption of individual apps

iStat Menus brings a large mountain of metrics and monitoring options with regard to the hardware usage of your Mac or MacBook. The app has a new design as iStat Menus 5 as well as special features for the OS X versions El Capitan, Yosemite and Mavericks on board. In addition, with the current version you can read out the consumption of memory and computing power of the Apple computer via the app. There is also a lot of data to view with regard to the network, its performance, throughput and disruptive factors. You can even use the software to control the fans and set actions based on battery status, etc.

This is all supported / displayed by iStat Menus 5

The Mac app for monitoring your Apple system uses various values ​​and measurements to give you a comprehensive insight and all possible information about the computer, network and so on. Here is a list of components and values ​​that can be read out and displayed as individually selectable:

  • CPU (processor): performance and utilization
  • GPU (graphics processor): performance and utilization
  • Sensors: temperature of CPU, hard drive, fan revolutions, voltages of individual components, etc.
  • Time and date with world clock, moon phases and so on
  • Storage space and its allocation - also as a pie chart and similar representations
  • Network: run through with data sizes, bandwidth display with top 5 Apps, etc.
  • Battery and power supply: Battery from MacBook as well as from Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, keyboard, etc.
  • And a few more things ...

iStat Menus 5 Bjango

iStat Menus 5: Buy as a single app or with 65+ additional programs?

You can download a trial version of iStat Menus 5 from Bjango's website. The free version can be used for 14 days after download and installation. The purchase version is then required for further use. The price for a single license is currently around 17,50 euros. An alternative that contains iStat Menus and dozens of other useful helpers for Apple computers is SetApp - a flat-rate app with full versions without advertising in a flexible subscription. Here is the necessary information and websites for all options:

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