iTunes and App Store: How to return apps and cancel purchases

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You have loaded a faulty app, the downloaded song is not the correct version or the film will not play under any circumstances? Then you don't have to be left with the costs of these media. Even if you have loaded the wrong edition of a digital book via iBooks, you can "return" it. But how can you reverse or cancel app purchases and the like? I want to bring that closer to you in this guide.

Revocation possible for 14 days when purchasing the app

You can get help with digital purchases at Apple at But not only Apple purchases made in the last 14 days are dealt with there - you can get support for purchases made in the last 90 days. The revocation as a special case is limited to two weeks from the time of purchase.

On the linked page you first have to log in with your Apple ID and your password. Then you get extensive access to support. As part of this, App- Cancel iTunes and App Store purchases as well as "giving back" films, books, series and music. The price paid is refunded on average within a week.

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Cancel app purchases in just a few steps: this is how it works

  1. You sign up with your data, which you also use in the App Store or iTunes. It does not matter from which device you do this. It is possible that the site is sometimes presented in English to German customers. After logging in, everything is in your "favorite language".
  2. You get to a product overview, which shows you the purchased titles and Apps listed with date and price. To the right of each product you will also find the button "report a problem". You click this on the app to be canceled or the title to be complained about.
  3. In the view structured below there is a "Select problem" menu. In addition to other support topics, you will also find the item "I want to cancel this purchase". Again, click on it and then continue.
  4. With a click on the button, which is now highlighted in blue, "cancel purchase".
  5. There are two possible cases: either the note "Refunded" or the note "Pending" appears behind the app or the media title. In the first case, you can count on a credit note within a week; in the second case, the issue will be checked by Apple support. But after a few days that is done.

Return the app: The instructions in screenshots

In order to make the process clearer for you, I explain here with a few screenshots how the return or cancellation of apps works in the app store:

Step 1: If you want to "return" an app, a film or any other medium bought in the App Store or iTunes, this is very easy. The first step is to register with Apple's subdomain:

Step 1: If you want to "return" an app, a film or any other medium bought in the App Store or iTunes, this is very easy. The first step is to register with Apple's subdomain:


Step 2: Now you are looking for the app, the film or the file that I would like to give back. If necessary, you can also use the search function. Then click on the "Report a problem" button.

Step 2: Now you are looking for the app, the film or the file that I would like to give back. If necessary, you can also use the search function. Then click on the "Report a problem" button.


Step 3: Now you choose the reason why you want to return the app or the film. You can add comments in a text field and then start the return with the send button.

Step 3: Now you choose the reason why you want to return the app or the film. You can add comments in a text field and then start the return with the send button.


Revocation of apps and media is not always possible

Of course, Apple protects itself against fraud, to which every possibility of return and cancellation naturally invites. Who hasn't heard of those people who order things online for an event and then send them back after it. Dressed up elegantly once for free ... That doesn't work with Apple!

Because with some apps you will already find the note when downloading that you can cancel the purchase within 14 days, but only if you do not download the app during these two weeks. The same goes for songs, films, and books that you can download from iTunes. So it is not possible (with most media) to use them and then return them.

In the event of fraud, the right of cancellation will be withdrawn

Since 2014, Apple has been offering the option of reversing digital purchases as well. If there were no protection against fraudsters and penalties for the same, then there would certainly have been some losses in the last two years Cupertino given. By the way, if you try (several times) to cancel downloads that have already been used, this otherwise helpful function can be blocked.

Conclusion on returning apps and canceling Apple purchases

If you want to undo a purchase from the App Store or iTunes, then you shouldn't use the respective medium until then. Leaves If you don't use it, then this is of course a separate case, which can also lead to a legitimate cancellation. In short: if you stick to the rules, you can return apps, films, series, songs and iBooks purchased from the App Store or iTunes using the instructions above. I wish you success!

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  1. Heiko Lehmann says:

    Hi John,

    I would like to revoke the "Runtastic Results Training Plan & Bodyweight App Premium Membership Subscription, 59,99 Euro" app. I have been using this for a year and unfortunately forgot to set the app to "do not renew", which means that this membership has been set to renew. :(
    The invoice date is 12.08.2017/XNUMX/XNUMX. There is still the right to revocation.

    I can't find the Cancel Purchase button in the menu.

    I have now sent the revocation for the "Runtastic App" via "Problem is not listed here".

    Can you help me on how to get the revocation through?

    I am very disappointed with Apple.

    Thanks in advance and best regards


    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Heiko,

      Thank you for your message. For newly loaded apps, as stated in the post, you have 14 days to cancel. Since you've been using the app for a year now and the problem is with the subscription to Runtastic, Apple no longer has anything to do with it. As I understand it, there is no longer any right to object due to the one-year use. The subscription is to be viewed separately, so to speak as an in-app purchase and not as a new purchase of the app from the Apple App Store / iTunes.

      You can contact the provider Runtastic (here the imprint) and ask to end the subscription later. However, by taking out the subscription, you have accepted the associated guidelines or the company's terms and conditions, which is why the subsequent termination and any reimbursement of costs would be a goodwill case. Unfortunately, I can't give you any hope of success per se. However, it is possible that a cancellation period for the invoice can be adhered to. But I do not have the relevant information. The best thing to do is to contact Runtastic as soon as possible.

      Good luck and best regards!

  2. Christina Scholz says:

    Hi, I have a question,
    5 days ago I confirmed a purchase that I actually didn't want to confirm. for the purpose of my fingerprint just wanted to get out and zack it was confirmed but found nothing to cancel in the messages.
    However, I get emails from my credit card that the payment has been declined.
    what can I do now the app is called iQuiry and costs 50,99 but I don't want to pay for it.
    Please help !!!! and quick reply
    Lg christian

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Christian! So if the payment by your credit card was declined, the purchase was not processed either. You don't have to cancel anything. If you want to be on the safe side, you can look under "Purchased apps" in the AppStore app on the iPhone to see whether the purchase is listed there. If he doesn't appear there, nothing has happened and you can sit back and relax. ;-)

  3. Mario track says:

    Hello and good evening,
    My daughter (16) downloaded two apps (at the end of May and the end of June) for free, which later turned out to be a subscription trap.
    She deleted both apps after about 1-2 days, but the subscriptions continued and my credit card was saved
    a total of EUR 370 has been collected since the end of May (7x 29,49 and 2x 78,99 EUR). Unfortunately, I only noticed that now.
    What would be the right way now?
    1. Subscriptions in iTunes just canceled
    2. Complaint with credit card company so that all debits are returned
    3. Use to cancel purchases there?
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Greetings Mario Spur

    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Mario,
      the way via is certainly not the worst; so you should use. It can also help to write to the developers / providers of the apps directly and cancel the subscriptions in writing. For most companies, this can be done via email and / or post. If you send the cancellation to the app provider by post, then you should use a registered letter with a delivery confirmation to be on the safe side. Otherwise you've already taken a few correct steps.
      Please let me know if something happens in that case.
      Best regards

  4. Wool says:

    thanks for the helpful contribution.
    When I wanted to leave the app, I unfortunately only confirmed a purchase, i.e. in the app.
    I have now canceled the app and it says “outside” but unfortunately I tried these “extras” right after buying it to see whether I really bought the offer or it was just a mistake. 15 minutes after canceling, I deleted the app, considering that people would think I would use the extras. Now I have the question, could this cause problems or could it come about because of my actions that I am denied stoning? I had about 6 euros in credit and my purchases are made through mobile phone bills, but the offer costs 35 euros, but I was still able to make the purchase. Will this have any consequences? I don't say minus anywhere either.
    I thank you in advance

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Lana! Basically, deleting the app has nothing to do with canceling the purchase. It just doesn't matter whether you deleted the app or not. The purchase must be canceled by the iTunes team or the cancellation must be confirmed by them. At least that's how it was for me in the past. The length of time you have used the app also has no influence on the cancellation. If you have booked the extras in the app, they will certainly also be charged. To do this, you should contact the iTunes team and let them know that you made this purchase by mistake. As a rule, they are very accommodating and handle things back. VG! Jens

  5. Joel says:

    Hi dear Johannes,
    I downloaded a free app (and then started the premium month)
    Unfortunately, I overlooked the fact that it expires on November 21.11st
    A few days later I have an Apple invoice in mine
    E-mailbox found
    I clicked on "Report a problem", but I couldn't find a "Cancel purchase" and then clicked "Unknowingly extended subscription"
    Does that make a difference now? Will the purchase be refunded?

    Kind regards

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Joel!
      Thanks for your report. As a rule, you will receive a notification a few days before the renewal that the subscription will soon be renewed. Actually, you should then click on the link in the email and cancel the subscription. That is the easiest way. If you have then waited and accepted the extension, then it is only goodwill if Apple or the provider reimburses you for the subscription. There is no better way than the one you have chosen. I keep my fingers crossed for you that it works!

  6. Herman Schumacher says:

    I downloaded a weather app. Now I have a subscription of € 9,99 to pay. How can I cancel this subscription?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Hermann! Oh no ... 10 EUR for the weather per month is not that great. :(
      You can read how to manage your subscription here on the Apple Support page:

      In short on the iPhone:
      - Settings> [Your Name]> iTunes & App Store
      - Then click on "Show Apple ID" above and log in
      - then click on "Subscriptions"

  7. Yannec says:


    I just wanted to buy coins in an app.
    But instead of the offer of 5 €, the offer of 110 € was logged in for whatever reason.
    I haven't opened the app since then, so of course I haven't given out the coins.

    is there a possibility that i can get my money back?

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Yannec! I would contact Apple Support as soon as possible about such matters. They can ultimately get the money back. With the provider of the app, you usually don't get very far.

  8. Esther says:

    Yesterday an app was unintentionally downloaded from my iphone, not opened and deleted from my phone. When I go to the reportaproblem page, I see the app and the dropdown menu choose a problem. Only from then on I don't get any further. I should contact the developer directly. However, I can't find any contact to cancel the app on the developer side. What can I do now. Lightricks creavityKid is the name of the app
    Thank you

    • sir appleot says:

      Hello Esther! I think you should go to that Apple Support turn. So far, they have always been able to help me if I was not satisfied with an app and wanted my money back. I think it could work in your case too.

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