iPhone additional battery "Jackery Mini" in the test: stylish external smartphone battery in "stick design"

Jackery charging ports

Actually, there isn't much to test with power banks: They have to supply power and, if possible, display their charge status. The basic conditions would then already be fulfilled. But you can of course also look at the "trimmings" that an additional battery has to offer. In this post I do this for the "Jackery Mini“- a small battery in the form of a stick (lipstick shape) with a square base.

Scope of delivery of the Jackery Mini additional battery

In addition to the additional battery, the Jackery Mini comes with a USB cable as well as a reference to the Jackery iOS app (which I have not tested, however) (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Look and structure of the Jackery smartphone additional battery

Immediately after unpacking the Jackery Powerbank you can see that the quality of the material has not been spared. The case of the Jackery Mini mainly consists of an aluminum body, which has a plastic insert at the front and rear end. On one side are the connections for the Micro-USB charging port and the USB output. The insert on the other side is without any functions and only serves as an "end cap". This can also be seen in the exploded view that I took from the manufacturer's website.

Jackery explosion photo

This "explosion photo" shows what the internal structure of the Jackery Mini looks like (Photo: jackery.com).

The aluminum housing looks like sandblasted and has a matt finish. This makes it relatively unsusceptible to fingerprints and other dirt. In addition, the colored coating makes a very robust impression. I think the optics shouldn't suffer much even in tough outdoor use.

There is a small button on the top that activates the LED charge indicator. This consists of four LEDs that indicate the charging and discharging status of the Jackery Mini. After approx. 5 seconds it switches itself off again.

Jackery Mini Front with charge level indicator

Here you can see the switched on LED charge indicator. You can see with the naked eye how many of the four LEDs are lit. Unfortunately, this did not come across in the photo (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

Technical data

Before my "evaluation" of the battery pack, I would like to briefly introduce the technical data of the Jackery Mini, because the data is quite impressive:

  • USB charging input: 5V / 2.1A
  • Charging time until the additional battery is full: 3-5 hours (via standard USB or power supply unit with micro USB connection)
  • Output power of the battery: 5V / 2.1A (fast charging of the iPhone is possible!)
  • Capacity: 3200 mAh (charges an iPhone 6 / 6s approx. 1,2 times)
  • Compact "lipstick" size: 9,4 x 2,3 x 2 cm
  • Weight: 77 g
  • various colors on offer (black, orange, silver, gold)
  • USB to micro USB cable included
  • The manufacturer offers an 18-month guarantee for the device
Jackery mini loading capacity

This table shows the charging capacity of the Jackery mini for common smartphones (source: jackery.com).

My test of the Jackery Mini

The Jackery Mini charges at normal speed. Three to five hours are neither particularly brisk nor particularly slow. On the other hand, charging the iPhone is as fast as it normally works with the power adapter. I already had a few power banks that did not have enough output power, so that charging the iPhone was rather leisurely. An Amazon customer writes here Although the current when charging his Samsung Galaxy was only max. 1 A, I can't quite understand that due to the charging speed of my iPhone.

It is perhaps also worth mentioning that the smartphone is charged as soon as it is plugged in. With my other additional batteries, I first have to press the button that also shows me the charge status. Sometimes I forget about this and then wonder why the iPhone wasn't charging. That can't happen with the Jackery Mini.

I think the case and the shape of the Jackery Mini are very successful. The shape with the rounded edges is very "pocket-friendly" and the matt surface looks very high quality.

Jackery charging ports

The two connections are for charging the Jackery and for connecting the USB charging cable for the smartphone. A torch LED in the housing would have been nice, but the Jackery Mini is still a great external battery for the iPhone (Photo: Sir Apfelot).

What would be a small point of criticism on my part is the manufacturer's waiver of a small flashlight LED. These additional features neither take up a lot of space, nor should they cost a lot. So far, I have enjoyed using the flashlight function on all of my additional batteries.

A small "dream" of mine would be an integrated Lightning cable on the Jackery Mini, because I often forget to pack it ... and then the greatest power bank doesn't help. For those who need remedial action in this regard, a short cross-reference to the "tizi rascal"- a USB Lightning charging cable keychain, so to speak.

Jackery Mini suitable for tablets?

Some customer reviews asked whether the Jackery Mini is also suitable for tablets like the iPad. Basically you can of course also charge the iPad with the additional battery, but you certainly won't be able to charge it completely. To make this clear, here are the battery capacities of the corresponding devices:

  • iPhone 6s: 1.715 mAh
  • iPhone 6s Plus: 2.750 mAh
  • iPad Air 2: 7.340 mAh
  • iPad Pro: 10.307 mAh
  • Jackery Mini: 3.200 mAh

Here you have to keep in mind that of course there are also losses due to charging. This means that technically in reality you will not get the full 3.200 mAh of the additional battery 1: 1 into an iPad. With the iPad Air 2 you will be able to fill a quarter or a third of the battery. That is why the Jackery Giant + with 12.000 mAh here the better choice for tablets.

Conclusion: well processed and practical "always with you"

I am very satisfied with the Jackery Mini. It is easy to transport, fits in a jacket or trouser pocket and it charges my iPhone 6 more than once. I like to use the iPhone on hikes and then have GPS active, which of course draws so much power that I usually can't get there on a single charge for a whole day. With the Jackery Mini, I can refuel the iPhone in between and still don't have a 500 gram power bank with me. In my opinion, a chic and recommendable accessory for all smartphone owners.

Purchase option

The Jackery Mini Powerbank is available - just like the other Jackery models, by the way - to buy from Amazon. The price is around 15 EUR.

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