Apple's presentation program: What is Keynote?

At school, at university, at work or for the photo slide show at the wedding party: presentation programs can be used anywhere. The best-known software is probably Microsoft PowerPoint. However, Apple offers a free counterpart for this, the Keynote is called. The Keynote app can be used on the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad and via a web browser in the iCloud. Along with other iWork apps like Pages (word processing), Numbers (spreadsheet) and Mail (e-mail client), Apple offers a useful collection of Office alternatives. Here you can learn more about Keynote, the features of the app, the control with the iPhone and more.

With the Keynote app from Apple you get a free PowerPoint alternative on the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad and in the web browser. This allows PowerPoint files to be used and created. More features, download sources, manuals and more can be found here. Image source:
With the Keynote app from Apple you get a free PowerPoint alternative on the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad and in the web browser. This allows PowerPoint files to be used and created. More features, download sources, manuals and more can be found here. Image source:

Keynote - Build presentations with an Apple app

With numerous functions and settings for individually designed slides as well as with various effects, shapes, animations and diagrams, Apple ensures that you can create convincing presentations in the free Keynote app on macOS, iOS and iPadOS. Off on many devices Cupertino the program is already pre-installed, but you can also easily download it from the respective app store. The presentations created can be exchanged between the various devices, and on the iPad you can even use the Apple Pencil to design them. Lectures, training courses and other presentations can be created together with others via the "Collaborate" function.

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Keynote was first published in 2003. A lot has happened since then, and with each update the app has not only become more modern and comprehensive, it has also been adapted to current events. Embedding web videos from the platforms YouTube and Vimeo is e.g. B. possible for some time. But it was also possible to insert your own live stream via picture-in-picture display. This allows you to present yourself from your home office via webcam, iPhone or iPad. You can also integrate a live feed of the devices, for example to demonstrate apps or show settings.

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And otherwise you can create the individual slides as well as the entire presentation either using templates and pre-installed design options or completely individually. You can also create your own templates with custom colors, shapes, gradients, fonts, and more. These can then be loaded into the iCloud and thus used on all devices - Mac with macOS, iPhone with iOS, iPad with iPadOS and even in the web browser on the iCloud website under the systems mentioned as well as Windows, Linux and Co. An overview of all features as well as a collection of resources to start using the Keynote on the Apple website.

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Controlling Keynote on Mac with iPhone

If you have connected your Mac or MacBook to a beamer / projector, then you don't have to stand by the wired hardware all the time to change slides, play videos and activate other content. You don't necessarily have to look at the MacBook display for the notes that you can display in presentation mode either. Because you can easily pair it with your iPhone to start, control and end the presentation in the Keynote app there. Details and further information can be found in this guide: Control a Keynote presentation with the iPhone - Here's how!

Keynote App - Download and Apple Guides

As already mentioned several times, you can use Apple's Keynote app in a variety of ways and exchange the individual projects between the individual devices. If you don't have Keynote pre-installed or if you have uninstalled the program, you can quickly and easily download it again from the App Store. This, as well as the use of the Keynote app, is free of charge. So you don't necessarily have to buy Microsoft Office just to be able to use PowerPoint. Easily create a Keynote presentation and then export it as a PowerPoint file. Here is the list of download sources and information material:

Keynote file compatibility with Microsoft PowerPoint

As already mentioned, the most well-known program for creating presentations is probably Microsoft's PowerPoint. If you work with Keynote but have to deal with devices or people who don't use Apple software, then that's no problem. Because PowerPoint presentations can be opened and edited in Keynote. Keynote projects can also be saved as PowerPoint files. So working with people who use MS Office is not a problem. However, here – especially with complex designs and the integration of many elements – attention should be paid to the compatibility of individual functions. Apple shows these at this point .

Your opinion on Apple's Keynote presentation program

While I almost every day Pages and Numbers to write texts and enter things in a spreadsheet, I hardly have any contact points with the Keynote app. I don't need to create presentations and didn't use any of the other features (Generate GIF or similar). So I'm looking forward to your verdict! What experiences have you had with the Keynote app from Apple? What is your opinion compared to PowerPoint? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic!

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  1. TIP: Keynote is also ideal for creating great and sophisticated animations quickly and easily. We use this regularly, for example to publish animated promotions on LinkedIn.
    Or in the new Keynote version to integrate 2 to 3 live video cameras simultaneously in real time for a webinar. Keynote is often underestimated - a great thing!

    Learned both tips at MacBreak Weekly.

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