8,9-inch Kindle Fire HD now available on Amazon

Kindle Fire HD
Kindle Fire HD

With the Kindle Fire HD, Amazon now offers an interesting entertainment and surfing tablet that can not only be used as an eBook reader (Photo: Amazon.de).

The [eBook reader Kindle-> kindle] was actually not seen in direct competition with the iPad. Anyone who was into eInk book reading got a Kindle and those who were more into colorful entertainment grabbed the [Apple iPad-> ipad]. This separation no longer exists, because with that Kindle Fire HD Amazon has now delivered a tablet that can play films, install apps and games, and use it to surf and read books and magazines.

The technical details

What is always of interest is the technical data that the tablet brings with it. Here is a small summary of what you can find on Amazon:

  • RAM 16 or 32 GB
  • HD display with 8,9 inches and 1920 x 1200 pixels, which corresponds to a pixel density of 254 ppi
  • Dolby audio technology
  • Dual band WiFi (via two antennas)
  • good color saturation thanks to the IPS technology
  • minimal mirror effect due to the use of only one pane of glass
  • HD front camera for Skype, video calls and HD photos

It is interesting that the Kindle Fire HD is also financed through advertising. This means that the 16 GB version is available for EUR 269. If you want the large model without the "special offers", you get 314 EUR. It is also interesting that, for example, a battery charger is not included in the price and that the Kindle can "normally" be charged using the computer connection.


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