Kindle Unlimited: Amazon's e-book flat rate is now available in the US

Kindle Unlimited USA

After only a few key data became known through the rumor mill in the last few days, which I did not want to publish in a separate blog post, there are facts as of today about Amazon's new blow against the booksellers and publishers: KindleUnlimited. While the book publishers already started selling eBooks not particularly enthusiastic were, should now the existential angst the bookseller will be further stoked.

Kindle Unlimited USA

Read ebooks till you drop for $ 9,99 per month

The KindleUnlimited offer is currently only available for the USA. There is no question that such an e-book flat rate will soon be available in Germany as well. On the American Amazon site you can find the details of this offer:

  • the price: $ 9,99 per month (plus tax)
  • over 600.000 e-book titles available
  • a few thousand audio books as well
  • cancelable monthly

The fact that Audible is now in the Kindle App is integrated also means full access to the audio books that are offered there. These are included in the monthly flat rate subscription. Also very interesting is the Whispersync feature, which now also works between audio book and e-book: If I download a book as an e-book and audio book, I can start reading the e-book, for example. Then, when my eyes get tired, I put on the headphones and, thanks to Wispersync, the audio book starts right where I left off reading. This is a feature that has not existed before.

It is now interesting what the Tolino department conjures up out of the hat, because when the Amazon Kindle Unlimited offer is available in Germany for the first time, it will not only be tight for the German eBook stores but also for the companies that use the brand Tolino have come together to stand up to Amazon.

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