Totally analog: Kingdomino is Game of the Year 2017 (+ children's game & Kennerspiel d. J.)

The game of the year 2017 is called Kingdomino and was published by Pegasus Spiele Verlag. It was developed by Bruno Cathala. So if you want to play analogue again or keep your children busy with a classic tabletop, then this new version of Domino might be just the thing for you and your family. I have also listed all other games of 2017 and the nominees including a link to the Amazon product page.

Kingdomino is the game of the year 2017. In this post there is all the information as well as the children's game of the year and the expert game of the year.
Kingdomino is the game of the year 2017. In this post there is all information as well as the children's game of the year and the expert game of the year.

Kingdomino by Bruno Cathala is Game of the Year 2017

Kingdomino is based on the principle of dominoes, the game that is played with rectangular stones on which point values ​​are printed. Kingdomino, however, is about placing matching stones in such a way that your own "kingdom" is enlarged. The lands also have to be properly planned so that at some point a stone or a playing plate can no longer be laid out. Game fun with strategy.

Game by Bruno Cathala on Amazon
47 reviews
Game by Bruno Cathala on Amazon
The Game of the Year 2017 Kingdomino from Pegasus Spiele Verlag is recommended for two to four players from the age of 8. The playing time of 15 to 30 minutes is ideal. Even adults can ponder when putting on the Kingdomino play plates.

The most important data for the analog gaming hit

Here are the most important dates for Game of the Year 2017 so that you can get an idea:

  • Author and publisher: Bruno Cathala / Pegasus Spiele
  • Number of players and ages: 2 to 4 / 8+
  • Difficulty level: medium
  • Playing time: 15 to 30 minutes per round
  • Contents of the game box: 48 dominoes (printed cardboard), 8 wooden figures, 4 starting stones, 4 3D locks, 1 cloth bag, 1 set of instructions

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Reviews on Amazon

On the Amazon product page for Game of the Year 2017, there are currently only 5-star reviews. Kingdomino is described as ideal for children and their parents; for game evenings, be it the perfect start and / or end. Different game modes bring variety and the random allocation of the tiles ("dominoes") calls for strategy. All previous buyers seem to agree with the jury.

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More games on the jury list

For the game of the year as well as for that Child's play of the year and Expert game of the year there are several candidates each year. The second, third and further places do not have to be bad per se. In addition to Kingdomino as Game of the Year, you can also check out these titles for the analogue game evening (information, difficulty level and more at

Selection - Game of the Year Magic Maze, Eldorado, DÉJÀ-VU, Dodelido, Fabulous juice, classic, Shiftago, Temple of Terror, Word slam
Selection - children's game of the year icecool (1st place), Captain Silver, The mysterious forest, Bulging spirits, kiker boom, Little bird, great hunger, Bogey witch, Sleeping queens, Confused!, Magic to the power of three
Selection - Kennerspiel des Jahres EXIT (1st place, different versions available), Predator of the North Sea, Terraforming Mars, Captain Sonar, The grimoire of madness, Great Western Trail, Les Poilus

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Do you like board games?

In addition to games for the console, PC or Apple Mac and numerous game apps for iOS and Android, a good, old (or new) board game is a great thing. What do you think of board games for children and / or adults - have you bought a board game lately? And finally: do you prefer to go to the store or do you order from Amazon?

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