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About Movie4K or CinemaX Watching films and series via streaming is even more illegal than before since a ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union on April 26, 2017. Users can no longer easily refer to §44a UrhG, since a service would have to look like a legitimate use (such as YouTube) - this is not the case with streaming sites, especially not if there are categories like current movies gives. What thrifty film fans can use as an alternative to will be shown here. alternative for free, legal KoniX alternatives
Watching films and series on the Internet - if you fear a warning, it can be done illegally and free of charge. Rather use a legal alternative that has further advantages. Examples of alternative or legally operating stream providers can be found here!

Movie2K, Movie4K, KinoX: alternatives for legal streaming

Legal streaming is very easy and can even be free of charge. If you watch a lot of films and series and have roughly 10 euros left over a month, you can even use long-term legal streams. What has always been strictly forbidden with Movie2K, Movie4K, KinoX and other illegal platforms, is the case with legal offers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video allowed: the download of content for local playback! Another advantage that you can use without constantly having to worry about possible warnings or advertisements.

Worth reading: Everything about the judgment of the European Court of Justice from April 2017

If you're already downloading torrents, please do it correctly!

I certainly don't want to support illegal downloading or streaming of films - that's why I've presented cheap alternatives to it here. But if someone really doesn't want to be dissuaded from downloading torrents (I'm assuming that these are freely licensed under CCC), then I would strongly recommend a VPN like RUSVPN or ExpressVPN to use.

These services “tunnel” the request encrypted through one of their many servers around the world and this way you can pretend to be in Morocco or Uzbekistan, for example. Log data is not recorded there and it is correspondingly difficult to track the "bad guys".

Downloading torrents - regardless of whether it is illegal or legal - should always be done with an activated VPN service so that personal data remains protected (graphic: RUSVPN).
Downloading torrents - regardless of whether it is illegal or legal - should always be done with an activated VPN service so that personal data remains protected (graphic: RUSVPN).

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix: the best legal streaming services

If you look at the Prices and offers from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix compared to competitors like maxdome or Sky ticket on, then you can say that these two providers are currently the best. At least as far as the range of films and series is concerned. Of course, you won't find any films there that are currently showing in the cinema or that have just been removed from the cinema program. It should of course be logical that something like this is not legal.

Here is a short summary comparison of the alternatives:

  Amazon Prime Video Netflix
  • 49 euros / year (approx. 4,09 euros / month)
  • Monthly subscription for 7,99 euros
  • 7,99 euros / month (SD)
  • 9,99 euros / month (HD)
  • 11,99 euros / month (Premium / 4K)
Well-known films and series Ja Ja
Own productions Yes many Yes many
Free trial subscription Ja Ja
Easy to cancel Ja Ja
Download of content Ja Ja
Call over Website / App Internet site / app
See more advantages Free premium shipping of Amazon orders, Prime Music, Twitch Prime, eBooks, etc. -
Website Click here Click here

Movies and series stream for free?

You can only get a really free and harmless stream of series and films with offers such as Prime Video, Netflix, Maxdome, Sky Ticket and Co., and so on are theoretically free - but a warning can easily cost you 1.000 to 2.000 euros. If you don't want to pay, you get a lawyer and everything goes to court, then it gets even more expensive. Let's assume a current case in which a woman from Munich was supposed to pay 915 euros. For this you can use Prime over the age of 18 (or additionally Book Music Unlimited) or the most expensive Netflix tariff for more than 6 years.

Click here and use Amazon Prime Video free of charge for 30 days

Conclusion on the topic

There are enough alternatives to illegal streaming, torrent downloads, stream cloud, file sharing and whatever you can't connect to,, Popcorn Time and Co. If your Smart TV is connected to the Internet, instead of pixelated, illegal streams, you can also watch decent HD content with the appropriate apps for free - the same applies to PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, etc. A trial month is even free. So use legal alternatives and save four-digit warnings;)

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19 comments on “ and alternative for streaming films and series”

  1. I recommend the free versions, as the quality is usually quite good and you don't have to complain for free. But I advise everyone to use a VPN then you don't have to worry about warnings.

    1. Hello Valleo! You can't really mean that. ;) On the one hand, it is an invitation to do video piracy - which I find a bit wrong, because the film people also have to live on something and if you watch the things for free, it is almost theft. It's just like stealing the rolls at the bakery - only more anonymous ... I think the attitude next to it ...

      On the other hand, the film studios aren't stupid either. They have already deliberately placed films in such file sharing sites, which then run a small program and send home the data from the computer on which the film is being run (it is a program disguised as a film). And at that moment, the IP of the VPN is not sent, but YOUR at home.

      So have fun getting caught. For the penalty you can treat yourself to several years of Netflix ... you should keep that in mind when you actually use such portals. Are only my 50ct ...

    1. Hello!

      Why only "would"? Take a close look at the verdict and you will find a note on page 2 that the site you mentioned is operating illegally ;)

      Best regards

  2. Hallo,

    where are the alternatives now? Also for a fee. If you compare closely, there is no alternative. Or is there a site that legally streams current cinema films for a fee? All without a subscription.

    1. Hello Migul,

      the alternatives shown offer what is currently possible: namely the legal streaming / downloading of films and series; even free in the trial month.

      Streaming current movies would be complete nonsense because it would make the cinemas obsolete. The streams would be much more expensive than a cinema ticket, since one stream could provide all of your friends with a movie night. The stream of a single cinema film could thus have a three-digit sum as a price, which would be economically realistic for further enabling productions. But then nobody would stream any more (current) films. A vicious circle, as you can see for yourself.

      So there are only two options left to proceed legally: find your way to the movie theater or wait until the film can be legally streamed, bought on Blu-Ray or otherwise acquired.

      And another little fun fact on the side: Going to the cinema as such represents what you are asked to do, namely the presentation of a current movie, which is also available for a fee, without a subscription. But if you absolutely cannot make friends with fixed presentation times (for whatever reason), then see the previous paragraph.

      Best Regards

  3. I am a prime and netflix customer. Prime is now playing even less interesting things than before, instead there are additional subscriptions under which even less good films can be shown for even more money. Unfortunately, these offers are a joke.
    Sometimes there are not even old - really good (!) - films that no longer show in the cinemas, that are not available on DVD.
    Real blockbusters or really good series (Monk, House, CSI Miami) are not streamed at all!
    Doesn't want to gloss over streamcloud etc., and it is also legal that the far too underpaid film industry only earns more and only produces more real C-movies, but if the customers stay away then you shouldn't be surprised. If I didn't have a cheap family subscription to netflix and I didn't use prime for photos, I wouldn't have both. Far too disappointing. And the series from netflix itself ... don't even think about it.
    The only exception on netflix is ​​Elementary.
    By the way: the downloads on amazon prime (not yet tested on netflix) are limited in time and frequency of play if there is no internet connection in between. The download only prevents quality losses in the event of transmission bottlenecks. So please don't compare apples with oranges here!

    1. Hello Julia! I can partially understand your criticism of Amazon. I also find these additional packages uninteresting. Too expensive and not great. But I find the films on Netflix very interesting. There are also things that I don't like - taste is individual - but there are many successful films and series among them. And there are a lot of new things being added to Netflix. :) LG!

    1. Not only that... I have quite a few items that don't give me affiliate money. But you not only get no money but also a letter from the public prosecutor. And that being said, I'm not a fan of stealing people's income. Maybe you don't see it that way, but you don't go to the bakery and steal a roll. Only when it comes to films do people quickly think, "Oh, it doesn't hurt them when I watch the film... there are so many who buy it or go to the cinema, it doesn't depend on me...". But, plain and simple, it's just not okay.

      1. Don't come with your baker all the time, the film industry had and still deserves stupid and stupid, despite the free streams and after all you don't go to see every new film in the cinema. That is why there are hardly any good films in the cinema and with series like Netflix the actors earn a lot more and we are talking about several million and not about a few cents as with your bakers. We had such a large selection on Kinox and still didn't watch the films and in addition, has been running again for a long time and has never been turned off, you just have to know how you troll who worries about the overpaid film fuzzis. :-)

        1. Hi Andi! I don't shy away from discussions, but if someone calls me a "troll" who deserves this name much more, then I usually exercise my domiciliary rights and block the user in the future. Of course, people like you are quick to yell for allegedly being “censored” and “acting against free speech”, but imagine someone walking up to your front door, ringing the doorbell and starting yelling at you. Would you keep listening to him? I guess not... but whatever. I will ignore that at this point in order to continue the discussion.

          If I break your logic down to its basics, it's ok to steal a little extra from someone who has a lot of money - because it's the same as watching pirated films. While Starbucks certainly makes as many millions a year, no one would think it's okay to steal a coffee there. I guess people just have a hard time accepting that digital goods and licenses are “possessions” just like physical things. It will probably take a few more years before everyone understands it... And those who don't want to understand it should perhaps also accept that they will be punished for it at some point.

  4. I am of the opinion that current films can also be offered, but the film costs extra or the entire package costs € 50 per month.
    Realistically, that many films a month don't come out and you don't have that much time to watch them all.

    In addition, that is not a killing argument that you invite all friends to always see a film, that happens, but not every week.

    It's all about the money, and when I see what kind of sales are being achieved, then I can no longer say they don't make any money.
    For example, film costs 80 million, everything is paid for, income is over 500 million in the first two weeks.

    If you weren't making money, you wouldn't be making it anymore.

    I work for a starvation wage and don't even have a shitty 10, - € over, but I work 6 to 7 days a week.
    Sorry, I don't start crying when they lose money.

    And about the program that is supposed to be in the video, I can't believe that it works, but even if it did, the lawyer would make himself liable to prosecution.
    So not allowed.

    With kind regards,

    1. Hello AA! The idea with the 50 EUR package is "almost" implemented by Sky. However, not yet with current cinema films. I think Apple is in the process of negotiating a similar offer with the Hollywood film studios.
      As far as your reasoning with the money is concerned, I can't understand that. You write that they would earn plenty of money anyway and calculate that a film costs 80 million and brings in 500 million. This is true for some films, but certainly not for all. The film studios must therefore book the use of the money for new films as “venture capital”. Not every movie becomes a hit, and those that do have to cushion the cost of films that don't make enough.
      And even if the film studios were to make a fortune: With the argument "They have enough money!", one should still not commit theft and watch films "black". I don't go to the bakery and steal a roll just because he drives a Porsche and I assume he has enough money. Luckily our society doesn't work that way...

  5. Then please say wiese 30-year-old films are still offered for over 10 euros and I think that's real cheek ... only because of such shitty do you resort to illegal things ...

    1. I don't understand this train of thought. Why is it suddenly allowed to “steal” something because it is 30 years old? A price discussion is of course a different matter... but the person who has the product usually sets the price if he has enough buyers. Real junk films can also be bought here and there for EUR 2,99. :D

  6. look at the Swiss copyright law, everything that was published is LEGAL
    this applies from the date of removal -> the end of the showing of a new film at
    Cinema and legally uploaded!
    can be struck there should also be a loss of income but is not to be seen!
    therefore there are no real streaming services like here!
    good quality ect

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