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KOINGO Software has been releasing software for Mac OS X and macOS since 1994, whereby great attention is paid not only to short-term use, but also to durability. With new operating systems for Apple computers every year, this also means: lots of updates. While more and more developers and studios are demanding money for new software versions or creating a subscription model out of it, KOINGO now wants to take a different approach. For us users, this means: Buy the apps once at full price and then receive free updates for life. With the coupon code life4me.june2019 there are even 20% discount on the "Lifetime License"!

In addition to the subscription model with monthly payment, KOINGO Software now also offers the "Lifetime License" with one-time purchase and lifetime updates. Details and information about the apps are given below.

In addition to the subscription model with monthly payment, KOINGO Software now also offers the "Lifetime License" with one-time purchase and lifetime updates. Details and information about the apps are given below.

KOINGO Software - Lifetime software license or subscription

However, KOINGO Software does not want to dictate anything to its users and offers the full price model in parallel as an alternative to subscription. On the provider page linked above you therefore not only get 20% off the new purchase model with the coupon code shown, but also the subscription for 12 months free of charge. So you can benefit no matter what you choose. But what does KOINGO Software actually have in its repertoire? I have summarized that for you in the following;)


With Mac Cleanse 8, you can remove hundreds, if not GB, of your hard drive. This not only records garbage data from deleted files, but also residues from uninstalled programs. Mac security and privacy are taken care of. Details and the download you can find here.

Mac pilot

With Mac Pilot 10 you can bring hundreds of hidden macOS functions to light and integrate them into your workflow. The up to 1.200 tricks can be unleashed with the current version for macOS 10.14 Mojave as well as with older versions for earlier operating systems on the Apple Mac. Details and download Is there ... here.

Librarian Pro

The Librarian Pro 5 app is for collectors of books, films, wines and numerous other items. Whether Lego sets or fantasy novels - you can catalog everything here, and even simply scan their barcodes with the webcam to add products. "Borrowed" status can also be assigned. More information and the download (also for Windows PC) you can find here.

Alarm Clock Pro

KOINGO has been offering this popular Mac app since 2000, which is more than just an alarm clock. It is a tool for the temporal automation of processes such as sending e-mails or messages. Screenshots or webcam photos can also be timed and recorded automatically. More details and the Alarm Clock Pro 11 download (also for Windows PC) can be found here.

Data Guardian

The Data Guardian app is not only available for macOS on the Mac, iMac and MacBook as well as for the Windows PC, but also for iOS on the iPhone and iPad. It is a  Secure database tool that can be used flexibly to store contact data, passwords and the like. The basic version of the iOS version is free. There is more information and the download for computers with this link.


The AirRadar app is something for vacationers and travelers, because it finds open or public WiFi networks and, thanks to the use of GPS, places them on a map of the area. In addition to open networks (green), protected WLAN networks (red) are also displayed. A WLAN map of the city can be created with a car trip, which can be useful for research and research. Read more and download the software you can here.

Display Maestro

Display Maestro brings back full control over external displays that was lost with Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite. If you as a graphic designer, video editor or simply want to set a certain resolution and bit depth on the screen for the presentation, then this app will help you, the menu of which is based on the old Apple menu. Here the link to the details.

Utility Package Pro

It's what it sounds like: a collection of useful apps. This package contains the following KOINGO software programs: AirRadar, Alarm Clock Pro, Data Guardian, Display Maestro, Librarian Pro, MacCleanse and MacPilot in the current versions. In addition, as a free bonus, there are more than two dozen apps that are no longer updated, but which could still run on your system. The package price and purchase options can be found here.

Career Lottery

Career Lottery is a board game. Yes, you read that right. It has no technical use on the Mac, but should be fun. The paid version cannot logically be downloaded, but only as a box on the website order from KOINGO Software. A free download version contains content for printing and the instructions for use. Figures, dice, play money, etc. must also be procured.

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