Cool laptops in the heatwave - laptop coolers with prime shipping

The heat is coming to Central Europe and anyone who works on a laptop in the office or home office can therefore face a drop in performance. I personally always notice this on my old MacBook Pro from 2012 when the temperatures in the attic climb to 25°C or above. Yes, the device is already struggling with that. That's why there's a laptop cooler with several fans underneath. These blow air to the underside of the MacBook Pro and ensure that waste heat is blown away. My laptop cooler is from AUKEY, but there are many other providers.

Abbreviation: Here is the list of results from Amazon

Laptop cooler for faster cooling of the hardware of MacBook and Co. At Amazon you get the laptop fans with Prime shipping delivered quickly, so that summer is no longer a problem.
Laptop cooler for faster cooling of the hardware of MacBook and Co. At Amazon you get the laptop fans with Prime shipping delivered quickly, so that summer is no longer a problem.

When the summer is hot: buy laptop coolers with Prime Shipping

Suddenly it's summer, and suddenly man and machine need to cool down again. It's good that many laptop coolers can be bought on Amazon with Prime Shipping. As a Prime member, you will get it delivered quickly and the notebook, netbook, laptop or Apple MacBook (Air / Pro) no longer regulates the computing power due to excessive CPU temperatures. So the computer remains efficient even in the heat. Here are three current offers for laptop coolers with Prime Shipping from KLIM, TECKNET and MVPower:

KLIM Wind Laptop Cooler - More than 500 000 units sold - NEW 2024 - Powerful -...
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TECKNET laptop cooling pads, laptop cooler for 12-17 inches, cooling pad notebook cooler stand...
  • 【3 high speed + quiet fans】The notebook cooler consists of 3 small fans. Ensure...
  • 【Ergonomic design】 You can adjust the appropriate angle according to your needs to reduce fatigue...
  • 【Additional USB port】Laptop cooling pad built-in two USB ports allow you to connect a ...

No products found.

Note: The fans for the bottom of the laptop are usually connected to the computer via USB-A. But they offer a USB-A port, which can then be used to connect a mouse, keyboard, printer, etc. The bottom line is that they do not block any USB space that you need for other peripherals. Practical, isn't it?

The best laptop coolers - laptop fans bestsellers as a list

A current bestseller list for fans, with which you can stay fresh and lively yourself, can be found in this post since 2019: Heat wave - this is how people and MacBook stay cool. After two years it is now time to create an article in which you can find an order list for laptop coolers. That's why I've included one in the following. It updates itself so that you can find the latest top sellers not only in summer 2021, but also in 2022, 2023 and so on:

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4 Responses to “Cooling a laptop in the heat wave – laptop coolers with Prime shipping”

  1. Dancing Ballmer

    My experience with laptop coolers is rather bad, as the fans in these become dust catchers and thus the fans in the notebook collect dust more quickly, which in turn leads to poorer cooling. The additional cooling effect is very small compared to normal stands without fans.

    On the other hand, I can highly recommend the latter, i.e. pure stands which are open at the bottom and the notebook is floating, as the decoupling of the notebook and table top brings a lot. The tabletop in particular stores a lot of heat and, when the computer is running for a long time, becomes as hot as a stove, against which the notebook then also has to cool. It is enough to simply put the notebook on four bottle caps in case it has to go fast ;-). By the way, my Macbook Pro from 2012 hovers 10cm above the table thanks to the 2 € cheap stand from Pearl and is only lukewarm even under load.

    1. Hello DancingBallmer! (nice nick by the way!) If the fans suck in the air instead of blowing it in, the dust problem should be resolved. Otherwise I agree with you. A little bit of air under the laptop and, in the case of MacBooks, especially a slightly open lid when they are hanging on the monitor, creates better waste heat.

    2. Hello DancingBallmer,

      then we seem to use our 2012 MBPs either completely differently or with a different workflow. If I have seven apps open here in the 30 ° C home office (including a Safari with several tabs and an Affinity Photo with various projects), then I can even forget the fluent writing in Pages. Even WITH such a cooler, there are stuttering and waiting times. Then I sometimes have to point a small fan (USB fan on a power bank) at the MBP to bridge it so that it can continue. The cooler and MacBook are already on a laptop arm approx. 25 cm above the table top. So I can't help myself with bottle caps, not even with simple laptop stands.

      Best regards

      Edit: My fan is not dusty either. When I don't use it, I simply store it covered on the shelf so that no dust gets on it;)

      1. Dancing Ballmer

        Hi John,

        Even with me it's over 30 ° degrees here under the roof, so I feel and sweat with you ;-) The workflow is indeed different, because I try to have as few applications open at the same time as necessary with the old box, especially since I do too only have 8GB of RAM and unfortunately I notice that more and more often. But if I need computing power, then I turn the MacBook fan on with iStat Menus so that the CPU then stays at almost 70 °. Even after that I let the fan run for a while so that all components (battery, SSD, etc.) cool down to some extent. You can follow all of this wonderfully at iStat Menus. I always get problems, especially stuttering, when the CPU works at 78 ° -80 ° for a long time or all threads are loaded. Apple is known to be very cautious when it comes to fan speeds so that the boxes stay quiet, but also means that in my opinion the fans start up too slowly and too late under heavy load. Otherwise, I always send the MacBook to sleep mode when not in use, when waking up it is around 44 ° -46 ° instead of idle around 60 ° -65 °.

        Perhaps a lot of fans bring something on the MacBook, I can and do not want to rule out longer, computationally intensive tasks such as yours where every degree counts, but I prefer good air circulation in the room through a large standing fan instead of many smaller ones on the computer; - ) This should be sufficient for short power peaks, otherwise just let the MacBook actively cool down with the fully turned-up internal fan.

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