Laptop sticker: Skins by TaylorHe for MacBook (Pro) and Co.

Masking off Apple MacBook Skin, Apple Logo

Laptop stickers, skins and design stickers for the laptop or especially for the Apple MacBook have been around since the first notebook came onto the market. Whether you are dissatisfied with the back of the laptop screen or just want to embellish it with a laptop sticker, there is the right design and the right sticker for everyone. In this post I would like to introduce you to the skins of Taylor Hey to introduce. You can use these for 15 inch or 15,6 inch laptops or cut them to size for smaller notebook models or MacBooks.

The laptop stickers from TaylorHe each have a great design for Windows Notebook, Apple MacBook, Chromebook and Co. You can easily cut the vinyl film, which serves as a skin and protective film.
The laptop stickers from TaylorHe each have a great design for Windows Notebook, Apple MacBook, Chromebook and Co. You can easily cut the vinyl film, which serves as a skin and protective film.

Laptop sticker: foil with a great design

The stickers for the laptop are usually foil that can be applied without glue and removed from the surface without leaving any residue. This article is specifically about the manufacturer's products Taylor Hey walk. If you are looking for laptop stickers for Apple MacBooks in which the apple remains free or is integrated into the motif, then I recommend you this post about MacBook stickers. You can also cut out the Apple logo on the following laptop stickers, but that can get pretty awkward ...

TaylorHe Foil: Vinyl skin for 15,6-inch and other laptops

In the following I list various design suggestions for the vinyl films from TaylorHe. But these are by no means the only motifs and designs that this manufacturer produces as laptop stickers. If you click on the product pages of Amazon, you will find an even larger selection of up to 11 different motifs:

TaylorHe vinyl sheeting 15,6 inches
Tired of the simple black, white or gray on the top of the laptop? Or do you want to make your Apple MacBook more attractive with a sticker? You can also cut this and other laptop stickers for smaller devices. Photo quality article. Suitable for laptop models of many sizes and also for the new MacBook Pro 2017. Various cover stickers for individual design of the mobile computer on the product page.
TaylorHe 15,6-inch notebook skin
Current design ideas from TaylorHe with animals, patterns, starry skies, skylines and more. Simply stick it on and customize the laptop. Stickers for the notebook with currently trendy motifs. Offer from Amazon, sale and shipping by manufacturer.
TaylorHe 15,6 inch notebook stickers
Laptop sticker for notebook and Apple MacBook. Art, fantasy, comics, aesthetics and pop culture stickers. A great selection of products on the Amazon site. These foils for the laptop can also be cut to the right size. They also serve as a protective film against scratches.

Stick on the notebook in your own way

Laptop stickers and design films that serve as skins for notebooks, MacBooks and the like have been on the market for years. So my question to you: in what way and with what motif did you embellish your laptop? Or maybe you use a specially designed laptop protective film for which you used a self-made photo? What tips do you have for cropping to large laptop skins? Feel free to leave your tips, tricks, comments or questions as comments :)

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