Last Minute Christmas Presents for Nerds 2019

Last minute gifts for nerds

You won't believe it, but next week is already Christmas. If you're currently looking for last-minute gifts for nerds, gadget freaks and technology fans, you've come to the right place. From games to light-emitting devices to meditation aids, everything is included. If you can't find the right gift idea for Christmas 2019 in the following or if you don't like ordering from Amazon, then take a look at getDigital; There are nerd gifts all over there: - The nerd and geek shop! 

Last-minute Christmas gifts for nerds 2019 - gifts for Christmas that you geeks, technology freaks and binary cracks will enjoy. Games, technology for everyday life and health aids are included!
Last-minute Christmas gifts for nerds 2019 - gifts for Christmas that you geeks, technology freaks and binary cracks will enjoy. Games, technology for everyday life and health aids are included!

air up drinking system: make your own water with taste

Drink more water and enjoy the calorie-free taste - that's exactly what you can experience with the "Air up" hydration system give away. The starter set consists of a 650 ml, BPA-free drinking bottle and so-called fragrance pods, which are sufficient (or smell) for 25 liters of water. The pods add flavor to the water without having to mix in any substances; and therefore no sugar, no e-substances or the like. The flavors range from apple and peach to lime to lemon-hops and orange-passion fruit. 

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Insta360 ONEX

Perhaps the person you want to give a present is already drinking enough water and is more excited about a high-quality 360 ° camera? Then the "Insta360 ONEX“Just the right gift. We are currently taking pictures of our house that we are renovating. So you can record the current status of all rooms and then see in the app (for iOS and Android) in the video how the house looks. Something you couldn't do with simple photos. But the camera is also great in nature, for VR video projects, YouTube and more.

Insta360 ONE X - 360° video camera with 5,7K video resolution, 18 megapixel photos,...
  • Leading Image Quality - 5.7K resolution makes your videos look sharp, while 18MP shots make for stunning photo quality....
  • FlowState Stabilization - FlowState is as smooth as it gets. Traditional action cameras are left shaking.
  • Drift Shots - Snap into the Drifter accessory and let your camera take flight. Airborne slow-mo from a camera that...

Petzl Actik Core with 450 lumens

This is by far the best of my 6 or 7 headlamps. In our country it gets really dark at night. That's why a headlamp is a good investment. This one here has an extremely bright highest level, has a red light with which you can see the eyes of cats and wild animals very well at night, and the best: The "Petzl Actik Core“Works with the Petzl replacement batteries, which are charged via micro USB.

PETZL E99ABA unisex headlamp Actik Core, black, one size EU
  • 450 lumens at a weight of 75 g
  • Two different light cones (wide or combined) and several light levels for white light ensure a ...
  • Red light that preserves the dark adaptation of the eye and prevents other people in the group from being blinded ...

Perplexus ball maze - toys for young and old

The Ball labyrinths of the perplexus series are interesting structures that invite you to puzzles and puzzles on different levels of difficulty. Confused paths, different goals and high demands on the 3D thinking ability make the different models a challenge for children, adolescents and adults. You can find the experiences of my children and me in this review: Spin Master Perplexus - a nerdy ball maze for children and adults.

equinux tizi Tankstation Pro - Multiport USB-C charger

Regular readers of the blog will already know it: the charger "tizi fuel station Pro“By equinux. You can find my test report here. For me, this model from the German accessories provider is currently the best charger with multiple USB-C and USB-A ports. Two USB-C with Power Delivery (PD), two USB-A, a total of 90 watts of power and a clever distribution of the power with several connected devices - great for MacBook, iPhone, iPad and many other devices!

NEW equinux tizi Tankstation Pro (107W) - 2X USB-C, 2X USB-A, 2 USB-C PD ports (96W & 30W) 2 USB-A...
  • 4-port power supply: total output of 107W - parallel charging with the fastest possible charging speed. Two powerful ...
  • Universal USB-C multi-charger with power delivery. Compatible with all new Apple devices. Successfully checked ...
  • Replaces the original 60W USB-C power adapter and offers another 30W USB-C port and two more ...

Philips Hue starter set

If you want to illuminate your home smartly and control the LED light via a control system, app and other modern solutions, you can choose from various providers. Philips Hue stands out from the crowd. So if you want to get a taste of the topic, you can this starter set get a gift. It includes three E27 bulbs, two buttons and a bridge. If you use Apple Home, Alexa, Google Assistant or the like, the system can be linked to it.

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Star Wars metal kits from Metal Earth

Metal Earth offers various metal kits that can be used to recreate a wide variety of objects. In addition to animals, sights or striking props from other films and series (e.g. the Delorean from "Back to the Future" or the Iron Throne from "Game of Thrones") there nice looking Star Wars building sets. They are not particularly big, but they are inexpensive. I would recommend them from the age of 14, as they are trickier than, for example, Ü-Ei figures.

Professor Puzzle Metal Puzzle Death Star, from the Metal Earth series
  • Just a piece from the Star Wars Metal Earth series.

Roav Jump Starter Pro

This is a great gadget for people who often travel by car. The "Roav Jump Starter Pro“Is a 12.800 mAh USB-C power bank that not only charges mobile devices. This device is also intended for bridging when the car battery no longer has enough power to start. If you have any doubts about the functionality: I was able to test the power bank successfully! When the car battery was empty I ordered it and tried it out: The car (VW Diesel TDI with 2,5 l) started immediately. I tried it a few more times with and without the start-up power bank: Without it it didn't start and only made a short beep, with it started every time. Functionality confirmed, I would say;)

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Laser keyboard from Hangang

This laser keyboard was described as a "good gift" in a 5-star rating on Amazon. A few years ago, working keyboards of this type were still a dream of the future, but now you can buy these things for 50 to 60 euros. I don't know whether it's for longer typing - in any case, the gadget is space-saving and mobile. Works according to the manufacturer the Hangang laser keyboard with Apple products (Mac, iPhone, iPad), with Android smartphones, Windows PCs, tablets and even the PSP.

TKMARS Mini Virtual Keyboard, Hangang Bluetooth Projector Wireless Keyboard Portable...
  • ▶ This Bluetooth Wireless Virtual Keyboard is a laser projection keyboard that can be used with your desktop, laptop, ...
  • ▶ Easy connection via Bluetooth 2.0 HID profile or USB Built-in battery, supports mouse mode. Connection...
  • ▶ Fast and accurate data entry and English QWERTY keyboard layout. Recognition rate over 350 characters per minute ...

Binary watches: bracelet and stand models

I actually understand the binary system, but binary clocks are too difficult for me personally to quickly read the time. That's why I would Binary clocks rather as gifts for the tough nerds: D If you have a digital crack in the family or acquaintance, you are sure to provide a successful surprise under the Christmas tree;)

DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combos

The DJI Mavic Mini is the latest of the market leader's amateur drones. High-quality recordings, beginner-friendly operation and sophisticated technology for good flight characteristics ensure a positive flight experience and great videos and photos. To save when buying accessories, you should use the DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combos order, as more batteries, a case, a propeller protection and other accessories are included at a reasonable price. You can find a detailed comparison of the offers at this point.

DJI Mavic Mini Combo (EU) - Drone and accessories kit, light and portable, flight time: 30 min, ...
  • FEATURES: The portable and compact DJI Mavic Mini with a 30-minute flight time, weighs just 249 grams and ...
  • GIMBAL CAMERA: The Mavic Mini is able to take photos with 12 megapixels and videos in 2,7K QHD. The gimbal is ...
  • REMOTE CONTROL: The remote control offers video transmission in HD with low latency, with a range of up to ...

Muse 2 headband: Learn to meditate by measuring brain waves

You can give technical substitutes for a lack of teaching hours to stressed people who don't even have time to be professionally guided for a meditation or other time-out in their free time. The "Muse 2" headband, which, coupled with the corresponding app, helps you learn to meditate properly, measures brain waves and adjusts the audio output accordingly. I have all the details for you summarized in this blog post. With the following link you will receive a 15% discount on purchase: Click here.

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  1. I have a similar starter battery - and it always works. Even if the battery is empty, you can charge it with the cigarette lighter until you can start the car. This is due to the gold caps in the terminals, which can deliver a high current very quickly. With my 800 A. And they only have to be present for less than 0,1 s, and the cart starts

    1. My device has 1000 A and: I'm glad you have one too. I thought before that this was hocus-pocus because I couldn't imagine that such a small power bank could start a 2,5l diesel. But: She really does it. I now have a part like this in every car in addition to the first aid kit as basic equipment!

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