The Lego Death Star for hardcore fans - or: Star Wars for adults (Updated!)

Lego Star Wars Death Star 10188 interior view

Star Wars is without question a successful franchise; one of the most successful and perhaps most widely known. But sometimes there are products from the area of ​​merchandise that you might only understand as a hardcore fan. Added to this are the prices that develop over time. A good example in terms of Lego would be the Death Star from the first and second Star Wars trilogies.

Lego Set 10188: Star Wars Death Star as a "modern dollhouse"

With a total of 3.803 parts and 25 figures, which represent the different characters of the films, comes this Star Wars Lego set. In relation, the 31 stickers that are enclosed with the set are tightly dimensioned ... ;-) And to name even more numbers: the assembly instructions have more than 260 pages. The construction time, which you read in some Amazon reviews, is around 12 to 13 hours. The fan knows: that's enough time to watch at least one trilogy while building ... and with the distraction it will take twice as long, so that you can still manage all the other parts of the Star Wars epic. : D

>> Lego Star Wars Death Star Set 10188 at Amazon

Lego Star Wars Death Star 10188 Pack
The current version: The Lego Star Wars Death Star with the Number 10188 has numerous images on the package (Photos: Amazon).

But you don't just have to be crazy about the size of the set and the build time. Even the price, which is slowly developing in the market, is nothing for the pocket money of a school child. Here we are dealing with a toy for adults who may want to share the same with the children. But this Lego set would probably only be a purchase for the child if you have taken care of everything else.

Lego Star Wars Death Star 10188 interior view
The interior of the Lego Death Star (10188) shows how nice you can play in the "Lego dollhouse". Adults can have fun here too, playing Star Wars with the kids.

Update December 28, 2016: LEGO Star Wars 75159 - updated Death Star

Amazon has had one since October updated version of the Lego Star Wars Death Star set. It is the Lego set 75159 basically an update of the previously shown set 10188. So if you already have this, you don't have to buy it again (unless you are real hardcore Star Wars fans with overflowing wallets).

The main difference between the old and the new 75159 Death Star are the mini collectible figures that are now included in the set. Here you can see which ones they are!
The main difference between the old 10188 and the new 75159 Death Star are the mini collectible figures that are now included in the set. Here you can see which ones they are!

The main changes manifest themselves in the composition of the figures (instead of 25 there are only 23). At the start of sales, the set was still available for 499,99 euros; the new price is currently just under 890 euros; used sets are available from (currently) 522 euros. You have to wonder whether you should buy the Lego set or go 34 times in Star Wars Rogue One. ;)

>> View LEGO Star Wars 75159 Death Star here on Amazon

Update December 28, 2016 end

Lego Set 10143: Star Wars Death Star almost only to look at

This set also has a lot of parts; namely exactly 3.447 pieces. It is a matter of an older Lego set, which is already out of stock at most dealers. Since the hype about Star Wars does not die down, but comes back to life again and again, the prices rise significantly. You can currently get this Death Star, which is just a model and cannot really be used, from 2.290 euros; Bricks & Allsorts is offering the set on Amazon at the "editorial deadline" for EUR 4.772,42 (plus shipping costs)!

>> Lego Star Wars Death Star Set 10143 at Amazon

Lego Star Wars Death Star 10143 - more of a collectible than a toy
The old" Lego Star Wars Death Star 10143 - more of a collector's item than a toy, because the price has now reached 4 digits as this model is no longer in production.

If you leave out the bad reviews, which are mainly about the price, you will find mainly positive and laudable statements. And there is even a comparison between the two sets that I showed you here. Among other things, Amazon customer Andreas writes in his 5-star review: "The Death Star II set is slightly larger than the new, playable Death Star 10188, which I personally own and find extremely successful. A modern dollhouse for little and big padawans. However, if you only focus on the visual, this set, which is now almost 14 years old, wins."

Conclusion on Star Wars Lego and crazy collectors

Especially the rare and large sets are still in the focus of fans and collectors. The price development in this area is quite normal. But if you pay the prices on Amazon, you really have to be a Jedi at heart. In short: The Death Star sets presented by Lego are something for hardcore fans of Star Wars and nothing for the average children's room. Lego has enough smaller sets ready for this.

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