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LEGO Power Functions instructions as helpful inspiration: Like me to you recently already shown I had that with my son over Christmas LEGO Function Set Tried and tried to build some LEGO technology parts. This is not so easy right away and without specific instructions. So in this article I want to focus specifically on books and other sources with LEGO Power Functions instructions. I already have some incentives for you in Article about books for LEGO Mindstorms EV3 given. Here it gets even more special.

Lego Power Functions books Lego Power Functions instructions in the form of books. You cannot find any correct instructions, building information or other assistance online. Product images: Amazon

Lego Power Functions instructions in the form of books. You cannot find any correct instructions, building information or other assistance online. Product images: Amazon

Buy LEGO instructions on Amazon

The easiest way is of course via Amazon again. Here you can find some good books on the subject, but two of the first three search results were in English. That's why I want you first The 'unofficial' LEGO® Technic book: creative building techniques for realistic models Point out by Pawel Kmiec. The 352-page book is available entirely in German - something for the little hobbyist and tinkerer too.

The LEGO Power Functions Idea Book, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

If you follow the instructions in the pictures, however, according to a review of the first volume in the series, you can reproduce the individual ideas for LEGO Power Functions constructions without having a lot of language skills: "We gave the book to our 9 year old. He had no problems recreating the models, although the book does not contain any detailed descriptions but only illustrations. Together with his friend, he also built the more difficult models and together they then expanded and changed the suggestions. It really stimulates creativity."

Special topic LEGO trains with LEGO Power Functions

In his book LEGO® train: Concepts and techniques for realistic models Holger Matthes goes into 294 pages on railways that can be built with LEGO. LEGO Power Functions instructions are also used. Drive concepts, rail concepts and typical components as well as other content are dealt with. There are also building instructions for special train, locomotive and wagon models. Who likes it ...

LEGO for real hobbyists with Power Functions, Raspberry Pi and Co.

The author EF Engelhardt has his book LEGO® for real guys: Bring Lego® bricks to life with electronics written not only for boys and men, but also for girls and women. Because everyone can, if the will and curiosity is there, tinker and program. In his 192-page book, Engelhardt not only goes into building instructions and the like, but also right from the start on the basics of electricity, circuits, voltage and circuits. In addition, the realization of projects with LEGO Power Functions and even the single-board computer Raspberry Pi addressed.

Free instructions on the Internet

As detailed texts, picture sequences and detailed and content-related explanations on all areas of knowledge as in the proposed books are of course not available on the Internet. However, you can find at least a few clues online for finding inspiration and information:

  • Website from Holger Matthes with information on LEGO Power Functions: Click
  • Official information about which LEGO sets are compatible and motorizable: Click

Otherwise it looks rather poor with online information ...

Conclusion and opinions on the topic

If you are looking for LEGO Power Functions instructions and building ideas, then I recommend the books shown. You can take a look at the product pages on Amazon and search through the contents. This helps if you are looking for specific topics or to get a general overview. Which book do you choose - or can you even recommend one? Feel free to leave input in the form of a comment;)


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  1. Horst Hader says:

    Very interesting article. Will take up your suggestions and take a closer look at the book "Lego for ...". Experience report will then be submitted later.

    • sir appleot says:

      I'm already reading the book for the Lego Mindstorms robot kit, but unfortunately the set won't arrive until the beginning of January. A tough wait. But I never thought that Lego would fascinate me so much again. :) Men are just children. ????
      And I'm looking forward to your report!

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