Lenses for the iPhone: a selection

Even if the photographic properties of the iPhone 5 with the improved exceptions in twilight and the - for smartphones - quite decent optics are quite good, there are still some cases in which you would like something else. For example, with every new iPhone version I notice that you can only take macro shots to a limited extent. For example, it is not possible to approach an object within 5 cm and still get a sharp picture. The auto focus on the iPhone has reached its limit at a distance of about 6-7 cm. If you still want to take macro shots, you can buy additional lenses for the [iPhone-> iphone]. These usually expand the photographic possibilities of the iPhone by several areas.

Overview of providers: from Olloclip to Walimex

The known Olloclip offers, for example, three lenses in one system: a macro, a wide angle and a fisheye. With the iTele, [Rollei-> rollei] has a telephoto lens that offers an 8x optical zoom and [Walimex-> walimex] also offers a lens set that includes a wide-angle lens and a fish-eye lens for the iPhone. With the Eye Scoope, Thumbs-Up also offers a zoom lens for the iPhone 4. You should always make sure that you check before buying that the lens in question is compatible with the existing iPhone version. Because the iPhone 3, 4 and 5 differ in thickness, some systems only fit a certain iPhone version.

Here is a list again with the corresponding lenses and lens sets:

Olloclip for the iPhone 4 / 4s
The Olloclip is already a well-known system among iPhone users. It offers high processing quality and a choice of lenses from macro to wide-angle to fisheye lenses.
Olloclip for the iPhone 5
This is the new version of the Olloclip that is suitable for the iPhone 5.
Walimex lens set for iPhone 4/5 and iPod
The Walimex lens set includes a fish-eye and a wide-angle lens. It is attached with a magnet. With the iPhone you have to glue a metal ring (included) around the lens. This may have the disadvantage that part of the ring covers the flash, since the lens and flash on the iPhone are close together.
Rollei iTele 8-way for iPhone 4 / 4s
The telephoto lens iTele from Rollei is connected to a hard case with a screw thread. Unfortunately, this only fits the iPhone 4 / 4s. A mini tripod is also included.
Rollei 12x zoom lens for iPhone 3 / 3gs / 4 / 4s
If you need more zoom, you can look at the 12x telephoto from Rollein. With coated optics and aluminum housing, it is also optically high-quality. A hard case and an aluminum mini tripod are supplied with the lens.

If you want to buy a [tripod for the iPhone-> iphone tripod], you can have a look at the [Joby GorillaPod-> joby-gorillapod] and the [Gilf tripod adapter-> gilf]:

is not included, so please also order a [Glif-> glif] below! "]

The Glif - for the iPhone 5
Here is the version for the Apple iPhone 5.


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