Labeling machine Brother P-Touch Cube Plus - with app for iPhone, iPad and Mac

The labeling and labeling device Brother P-Touch Cube Plus is a gadget that can be used with computers, smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth, with which labeled paper strips can be printed for sticking. Details about the labeling device, the accessories in the form of TZe tapes and the comparison to the previous model Brother P-Touch Cube I have summarized you in the following. The above-mentioned “Plus” device can be used with iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad as well as with the Apple Mac, with Windows PCs and with Android devices. The predecessor only works with the apps on mobile devices and also has other limitations / disadvantages.

You can find a comparison of the labeling devices Brother P-Touch Cube and Brother P-Touch Cube Plus here. You can also find the right TZe printing tapes here.
You can find a comparison of the labeling devices Brother P-Touch Cube and Brother P-Touch Cube Plus here. You can also find the right TZe printing tapes here.

Advantages of the Brother P-Touch Cube labeling machines

Compared to the first labeling machines, both of Brother's labeling machines have the advantage that they can print different colors on different colored paper strips. The first labeling and labeling devices were less flexible: they offered the output of labels in the form of plastic strips into which the selected text was punched. At the punching point, the plastic changed color (from black to white, for example) and this is how the legible letters were created. With today's solutions, you can achieve much nicer results with customizable fonts, adding symbols, graphics and frames, and other great things.

Comparison of the Brother P-Touch Cube and the Plus model

Now, with newer application techniques and individual printing options, there are more and more models that can be bought. Because keeping track of possible uses, advantages and disadvantages is not that easy. Therefore, I have summarized some important information about the models mentioned above for you in the following.

Brother P-Touch Cube Brother P-Touch Cube Plus
Publishing year 2017 2018
Design options Limited to your own fonts, symbols and emojis Fonts and other elements installed in the source (smartphone, tablet, computer)
Mobile device compatibility Yes, with iOS and from Android 4.1 Yes, from iOS 10 and Android 4.4
Compatibility with computers No Yes, with Apple Mac and Windows PC
Data transmission Via Bluetooth 2.1 Via Bluetooth 2.1 or Micro-USB-Cable
Power Supply 6 x AAA batteries or separately available power pack Integrated battery and / or micro USB cable
Printing tapes Brother TZe thermal printing ribbons (12 millimeters) Brother TZe thermal printing ribbons (18 or 24 millimeters)
Price (as of May 2019) 71,48 € 81,81 €

Plus model has better value for money

The pure acquisition costs of the Brother P-Touch Cube Plus are more than 10 euros higher than the previous model, but there is a larger offer. If you include a power supply unit or the necessary batteries (which, according to customer reviews, should be empty quickly) for the previous model, this will also be more expensive. The newer device contains a battery that simply has to be charged via the USB port. This also creates less waste. In addition, there is the more individual application of the Plus model via the macOS or Windows computer as well as with your own fonts and other design elements that you can choose yourself. You can find suitable Brother TZe printing tapes below.

Overview: The best label printers from Brother and Dymo

Brother TZe printing tapes for labeling machines

In addition to individual tape and print cartridges that you can use in your Brother labeling machine, there are also savings packages at Amazon that not only contain tapes for printing in black on white, but also on red, green, blue and yellow are. There are also cassettes for retro printing white on black. It is important to choose the right width of the print ribbons. For the 2017 model, those with a width of 12 mm fit; 2018 mm and 18 mm tapes can be used in the 24 model. In most cases, the respective product description also states which printer models the tape is made for. Here you can find the respective overviews:

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4 comments on “Brother P-Touch Cube Plus labeling device – with app for iPhone, iPad and Mac”

  1. Thank you very much for the valuable tip! I have always wanted such a labeling device with which I can create tapes from the iPhone for labeling on and in control cabinets and control panels!

    As always, reading your blog is very educational and refreshing!

  2. Hello, there is an alternative to the Brother P-Touch Plus. I would really like to have this one because it can serve various wide bands. However, I am already excited by the unnecessary waste that is caused by the individual print. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Bernd! I don't know of any alternative to the device now. But the waste is also rather small. You can also define the labels by the width and there is a bit of a "lead" of 1-2 cm with every device, no other device will do that better... Most of the time I print several labels in a row... you hardly throw anything away.

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