Liability Heroes: Private liability insurance including drones and model flights

Drones, camera drones, quadrocopters, multicopters and model aircraft of all kinds are more trendy than ever and therefore every amateur pilot should get an appropriate liability insurance. Private liability, however, mostly only covers everyday or “conventional” claims, accidents and losses. Liability insurance for the drone often has to be taken out separately. The provider speaks with private liability insurance that includes drones and model aircraft and is comparatively cheap Liability heroes especially to bargain hunters and young people.

Liability Heroes: Provider of private liability insurance including drone (s) and model aircraft. Many cases and damages that other insurers exclude are covered. Details in this post and interview.
Liability Heroes: Provider of private liability insurance including drone (s) and model aircraft. Many cases and damages that other insurers exclude are covered. Details in this post and interview.

Insurance for everyday life: drone liability included

Private liability insurance is not only important for individuals, but also and above all for families and all those who actively shape their everyday lives. In the household, in the city, in nature and everywhere else something can happen from time to time. If you are also a hobby pilot and fly a model airplane, camera drone, mini drone, multicopter or similar equipment, then liability insurance is basically inevitable. With the very young provider Liability heroes you get private liability insurance including insurance for your drones (unlimited number and models) for 72 euros a year. The risk is borne by Germany's second oldest insurance company, NV-Versicherungen VVaG.

Private liability insurance with numerous advantages

It is important to note with the liability heroes that there is a co-payment of 150 euros per claim. Personally, I don't think that's too bad, because with a liability you don't want to (only) protect yourself against small, but above all against large damage. In other words, those who could get you into financial trouble. You might see it as a full-bodied promise, but on the Information page on drone insurance you will find, among other things, the following covered insurance claims with regard to your drone / drones:

  • Coverage of private liability including model aircraft and drones
  • Maximum take-off weight of 5kg (ideal for DJI Phantom 4, DJI Inspire, Mavic Pro, SparkEtc.).
  • Private flights from an unlimited number of multicopters (including camera drones)
  • 50 million euros coverage
  • Sports and leisure flights also outside of the model airfield
  • The insurance covers both outdoor and indoor flights
  • FPV flights and autonomous flying (autopilot, automatic return, etc.) are insured
  • Drone flights on vacation and abroad are covered (worldwide including USA and Canada)
  • 150 euros co-payment per claim

Critically asked: Interview with the liability heroes

You know we're here on do not simply present or even recommend products and services that we have not either tested or at least researched extensively. To research with regard to the insurer Liability heroes was part of a critical interview in preparation for this post. I hope that this can answer the questions that have not yet been answered:

Sir Applerot: Can the drones insured with Liability Helden be used commercially?
Liability Heroes: Liability protection here includes private flying with drones - commercial use is not covered. Indeed, this requires separate protection. A few euros in click sales with hobby videos on YouTube are still considered private and are also insured with us.

Sir Applerot: Is damage caused by pilot errors also covered?
Liability Heroes: Yes, damage caused by pilot errors, i.e. fault liability, is covered. That is what it is all about. As always, intent is of course excluded. But the so-called strict liability is also insured. Many private liability insurances rule this out. This is important if, for example, a bird of prey causes a fall.

Sir Applerot: What happens if I lend my drone to someone I know? Is she still insured then? Or does the acquaintance have to have appropriate insurance?
Liability Heroes: The protection only applies to you, not to strangers, third parties or acquaintances. In the broadest sense, family members who live in a community are covered. In the case described, the acquaintance would indeed have to have liability protection for himself.

Sir Applerot: Do the drone models have to be entered in the contract?
Liability Heroes: No, the drone models do not have to be entered. The number is not limited either.

 Sir Applerot: Compared to other private liability insurances, Liability Helden is relatively expensive (I get a family with partly insured for less than 50 EUR with many extras) ... what makes Liability Heroes better than the others?

Liability Heroes: The private liability insurance from Haftpflicht Helden includes protection for privately used aircraft. So you can save the amount for additional drone insurance. Just like protection for other hobbies. Nothing is excepted. Water sports like kiting, dangerous martial arts and so on.
In the case of the aircraft, they regularly receive feedback that no other insurer pays such comprehensive liability for fault and strict liability. If you don't have this in your current liability, you can use the exchange service.
In addition, the coverage amounts to 50 million euros. None of the cheaper insurances at Check24 are so broadly positioned. When it comes to the most important protection, you shouldn't skimp on quality. Most of them also did not insure the drone portion. You also have the option of saving money right from the start with a recommendation. With the use of a “hero code” you only pay 66 instead of 72 euros.

As part of the reporting on the insurer, we have registered a hero code exclusively for the readers of This will give you the above discount if you join registered here. Our hero code is: APPLE4

Sir Applerot: Will all the benefits of my old insurance be named in the new contract? Or how does a change work in practice?
Liability Heroes: If you have a preliminary contract, you simply give the name of the current insurer when buying. The change then runs automatically. As long as the old contract is running, you get all the new services that the old contract does not have free of charge for the transition period. We issue the insurance confirmation for the drones immediately when you change your contract. The new contract and the contribution payment for it start automatically when the old contract has ended.
Addition: There is also a so-called vested rights guarantee: If anything is better regulated in your old contract than with the Liability Heroes, you will be paid according to the conditions of the old contract. Since the protection of Helden's liability is so comprehensive and up-to-date, this is rather unlikely. Nonetheless, they guarantee that. This can also be read in the terms and conditions on pages 43/44.

Interview with Haftpflicht Helden, conducted by Jens Kleinholz for

All services from A to Z

If you still have questions and want to know more about insurance from Liability Heroes, then take a look at theirs Service overview past. The following applies to this: What is not explicitly excluded is also covered by the insurance. This can be applied, for example, to glass damage or glass breakage, which, although not clearly insured, is not explicitly excluded from insurance coverage.

Individual private and commercial drone insurance

All in all, the offer of Liability Helden does not sound bad, at least for those who like to and often use the drone. In the event of damage from 150 euros upwards, the liability insurance then also takes effect effectively. But only in private. If you would like to have either additional drone insurance or drone insurance for your company, you can use the Contribution to the offer of Insured Drone drop by. With a private drone liability insurance for 69,99 euros without any other content besides the drone, I would recommend this provider - in comparison - only for commercial drone insurance.

Switching rates from other insurance companies to Liability Heroes

As already shown in the interview, the content and coverage of the old contract will be taken over when switching to Liability Heroes. According to the provider and its website, this has already convinced a large number of customers. According to current statistics (as of August 2017), insured persons have proportionally switched from these competitors to the provider's liability:

  • 60% Gothaer, ergo, Janitos, Generali, Asstel, etc.
  • 12% AXA
  • 10% HUK
  • 7% Debeka
  • 6% alliance
  • 5% VHV

Liability Heroes App - Download for iOS and Android

The insurance of the Insurance Hero Ltd sees itself as 100% digital coverage of claims. If you are interested, you can book private liability including model flights and drones via desktop and a App manage for iOS and Android. So if you feel fully informed by this article or the provider page linked above and should decide on the offer, then mobile management or claiming the insurance with the corresponding app might be easier for you than if you did everything by post, email and make phone calls. You can find the download in App Store or iTunes and in the Google Play Store.

Conclusion on liability with drone insurance

If you want to insure your drone or several drones for all possible flights and especially for frequent flying, the range of Liability Heroes may be suitable. Regular liability insurance for private individuals and families is often cheaper, but then the additional protection for quadrocopters, camera drones, etc. makes a big difference. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you with a test or experience report on the provider, but I hope that the linked sources and the interview helped you. If you share your opinion or your experiences with the Liability heroes want to share, please leave a comment.

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4 comments on “Liability heroes: private liability insurance including drones and model aircraft”

  1. This is actually a cheap offer. Liability protection for privately used aircraft is included here. So you can save yourself the premium for additional drone insurance. Just like for any other hobbies.

    Sounds good :)

  2. Yes, I would use it myself if I weren't using the drones commercially. So unfortunately the specialized drone insurance for traders remains with me ...

  3. I would like to know if the DBV also offers such a (exchange rate) change ?! If so, under what conditions?
    Thank you very much

    1. Hello Jürgen,
      this is just a report on liability heroes. We do not act as a provider for the insurance. It is best to ask for advice or other details directly from the liability heroes on the provider side at. Simply click on “Contact” in the menu above and then fill out the form. What goes even faster is of course calling or sending a fax. You can also find the corresponding numbers on the provider's website. I wish you success!
      Best greetings

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