Lightning Dock for iPad, iPad mini and iPhone

Lightning Dock Big
Lightning Dock Big
The Lightning Dock Big is perfect as a docking station for the iPad 4. The stand also holds such large devices securely (Photo:

In this post I would like to present a Lightning Dock that can also hold larger iOS devices such as the iPad 4 or the iPad Mini - of course it can also be used with the iPhone 5, but that goes without saying. The name "Big Dock" is quite apt, because the block that forms the base of the dock is not only quite heavy, but also large. The optics are kept quite chic, because it doesn't look clumsy in my eyes. The mounting of the iOS devices works exclusively via the Lightning connection, which looks out of the bottom of the dock and with the inclined surface on which you can lean the iOS device.

Lightning dock for use with cases

The simple holder definitely has a big advantage: It can be fully used with various covers if they are not too thick. So whoever has his iPad or iPhone in a leather case and doesn't always want to fumble out to put it on the dock, he just leaves the case on. In most cases this will work, only those who have attached an Otterbox to the iPad or iPhone or use another case that, for example, have a battery in the back wall, will reach the limits of the dock.

Lightning Dock Big for iPad
The Lightning Dock Big with an inserted iPad 4 (Photo:
Lightning Dock iPhone 5
Here you can see the iPhone 5 in the Big Dock. Smaller devices also look good in the dock (Photo:

The high weight of the docking station also makes it easy to unplug the device again, because while you always lift the docking station with the lighter docks when you pull on the iPhone or iPad, the weight of the "Big Dock" ensures that it is not pulled up.

Lightning Dock BIG - The docking station for iPad and iPhone
A prerequisite for this dock is of course an existing Lightning connection on the iOS device. However, it is then compatible with the iPhone 5, iPad 4 and iPad mini.
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