Lightning to Ethernet adapter: With this trick you can also access the Internet with the iPad via Ethernet

Lightning Ethernet adapter
Lightning Ethernet adapter
There is no Lightning to Ethernet adapter yet, but you can build one yourself (Photo:

Not that easy, but it works. The [iPad-> ipad] can actually also be connected to the network with an [ethernet cable-> ethernet cable]! The whole action is not only possible with the iPad but also with the iPhone. And this is how it is technically implemented:

First, the iPad has to be attached to a Powered USB hub be connected. That's what you use Apple's Lightning to USB Camera Adapter and a usb cable like dieses hier. From the hub it goes with one Apple USB Ethernet adapter and an ethernet cable to the router. Important: it must assign dynamic IP addresses.

You ask yourself: "Who would think of something like that?" The answer: employees of a US company. By random. When trying to optimize the network connection of iPads for development purposes.

The drivers are probably to blame

Unlike IOS devices, [Apple's set-top box Apple TV-> apple-tv], which also runs under iOS, can also be connected via Ethernet. The drivers required for this are apparently not to be removed from the iPad version. Whether consciously or accidentally remains speculation.

Personally, I haven't tried it yet. Nevertheless, I find the idea quite exciting, if admittedly a bit complicated. But you can use it in an emergency. It is of course much more convenient with an Airport Express base station (here for just under 90 EUR), into which you plug the hotel's ethernet cable. The [Airport Express-> airport-express] then opens a WLAN that can then be used with MacBook, iPhone and iPad.

30-pin to Ethernet adapter also possible?

30-pin to Ethernet adapter
Also for older iOS devices: the 30-pin to Ethernet adapter (Photo:

It would be interesting to find out whether the old 30-pin camera connector can also connect old iOS devices with the 30-pin connection to the network. From a technical point of view, however, it should be possible, since the interface can deliver the same data and the iOS has probably already supported this Ethernet connection since the Apple TV has been on the market.

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