Book review: Adobe Lightroom 6 / CC Instructions as a manual by István Velsz

Photoshop Lightroom 6 and CC: The Complete Guide

Professional photographers, interested private users and, last but not least, everyone who stands in between or who owns the program for completely different reasons - everyone who has been using Photoshop Lightroom 21 / CC since its appearance on April 2015, 6, has comprehensive instructions with tips and tricks for looking forward to optimal use of the software. Since August 31, the new standard work by István Velsz "Photoshop Lightroom 6 and CC: The Complete Guide" on the market.

Photoshop Lightroom 6 and CC: The Complete Guide

The Lightroom manual by István Velsz is perfect if you want to manage and edit your photos entirely with Adobe Lightroom (Photo: Amazon).

For everyone interested: What actually is Adobe Lightroom?

Photoshop Lightroom was first part of Adobe's Creative Suite in 2007. It is an all-rounder in handling digital image files and, since version 3 (2010), also with digital video files. An image overview is provided that is similar to that of Adobe Bridge should be known. However, some correction options in image and video editing are reminiscent of CameraRaw.

Photoshop Lightroom 6 for Mac / PC
If you don't want the monthly payments from Adobe's Creative Cloud solution, you can get by with the one-off payment with Lightroom 6.

In addition to images, videos and series of images, individual areas of an image can also be edited here - the perfect combination of Photoshops and Camera Raws; and many enhancements too. For example, geographic data can be read out and inserted. In addition, photo books and slide shows can be created directly with the program. Last but not least, the software also includes a print and web assistant.

Adobe Lightroom CC screenshot

A screenshot from Adobe Lightroom CC. What seems a bit confusing at first makes sense after some training. Personally, I prefer to edit photos with Lightroom rather than Photoshop.

The current edition is now the sixth or CC if you are using the Creative Cloud. With each new version number, the options for using Photoshop Lightroom also increase. For some professional photographers, it is THE program for digital post-production. And that is why a standard work is required for the most effective use, which presents all elements from the basis to the new features. And we present this work here.

"Photoshop Lightroom 6 and CC: The Complete Guide" - More Than Just a Guide ...

The book is "Photoshop Lightroom 6 and CC: The Complete Guide"A bound and 996-page book in which not only the individual menu items and functions are considered, explained and touched upon with examples. Rather, important and in-depth information is conveyed on each page.

For example, if an HDR effect is to be created, it doesn't just mean: click here, then click there, and then enter this value. Rather, photography is already discussed as the outcome of the effect; Keyword: bracketing. Then all important and possible steps are explained and also shown by means of screenshots. An added value that the usual instructions of the software manufacturers unfortunately rarely offer, although Adobe here with its tutorials at the Lightroom online help is on the right track.

... but also a manual

There is a lot of space on 996 pages. And that's why both special aspects in the use of Photoshop Lightroom in the latest version are considered and more general usage instructions are given. How does this work and what does this button do? Even beginners will be able to immerse themselves in the world of Lightroom with this standard work. And what's even better: you will not only dive in, but swim as well and not lose breath or patience in the process. In the end, the reader is the professional.

The content in the rough overview

In addition to the introduction, the structure and all the trimmings, the book also contains 18 chapters in which the reader learns everything he wants to know. From importing the files to their arrangement and their metadata, it goes to editing. What are RAW files and what do you do with them?

Gradation curves, histograms and their evaluation are covered by almost 13 pages in the 90th chapter alone. Batch processing of images and much more is also discussed. You can already see when leafing through that emphasis is placed on "depth" ...

Do it, do it, do it better - instructions for using Lightroom in practice

It's not that Adobe's Creative Suite programs don't have instructions or manuals. However, the company's own publications are more like explanations of the individual buttons than actual instructions that lead to the goal.

Real examples of the most diverse effects and work results with Photoshop Lightroom can only be obtained from real, committed users and authors like Istvan Velsz. With "Photoshop Lightroom 6 and CC: The Complete Guide"the user gets a thick tome that he won't want to give up anytime soon.

Photoshop Lightroom 6 and CC: The Complete Guide
With almost 1000 pages, this work by István Velsz is actually very comprehensive. If you want to use Lightroom professionally, you will find numerous instructions here that are worth the money for the book several times over.

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