A for apple to Z for Zeitlangnixtun: This is how the ABC inspires me

ABC inspiration

The blogger Birgit Ebert recently started a blog parade where she has a very fancy job for the participants. You should do the ABC and write a word for each letter that will inspire you as you work. I'm so daring and take part ... but hey, where is it written that you have to start at A? Now I'll go to my J for Jura and make myself a K for coffee. It is then much more pleasant to continue writing!

ABC inspirationThat's kind of the first thing that comes to mind when I think of ABC. But I guess I can't get off that easily, so let's see what the coffee did. Here are my associations in the correct order and with small comments – I don't want it to get too cryptic. :)

A = Articles from other bloggers

B = blog paradeeeeeeee!

C = chaos - ok, I copied that - I couldn't think of anything ... ;-)

D = teamwork

E = relaxation

F = forums and photos

G = Google

H = Calls for help from blog readers

I = information from other sources

J = my JURA

K = coffee (without comment!) Or K for climbing or K for children

L = reading

M = people in general

N = news

O = origami

P = puzzles

Q = lateral thinking

R = puzzles

S = beautiful books and photographs or S for sauna for relaxation

T = teamwork

U = unorthodox

V = a lot of input

W = science

X = xylophone music


Z = newspapers

Phew, that was pretty exciting. Now I'm going to read through the other posts that took part in the blog parade. Let's see what they can think of at K. For me it somehow always comes down to coffee. ;)


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    1. But please! :-) The only thing I didn't understand was the soundtrack. What did I write there that I don't know anything about anymore ???

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