Protect Mac and network: Micro Snitch and Little Snitch for monitoring access

Micro Snitch and Little Snitch for the Mac: Even the Apple Mac, the iMac, the MacBook and so on, although they come from Apple, are not completely safe against outside influences. If you want to monitor which programs want to access the Internet from your computer or your network, then I have the right program for you here. There is also an app to view, control and log access to the microphone and camera of Apple products. In short: here you can find information about Micro snitch and Little Snitch.

The Micro Snitch and Little Snitch app icons. In this post you get information and links to the Mac

Apps for more security. Image source: Objective Development" width="620″ height="250″ /> The Micro Snitch and Little Snitch app icons. In this post you will find information and links to the Mac apps for more security. Image source: Objective Development

Micro Snitch: Monitor Mac microphone and camera activity

When the camera is activated, you can usually see it. However, only if you also look at it and do not just move AFK in front of the computer. In addition, at first glance there is no way to find out whether the Mac's microphone is being tapped. Micro Snitch makes sure that you you will be informed if and when someone from outside or a program from inside accesses the camera or microphone. There is also information via menu bar icon, monitor overlay (with deactivated menu bar) and in a log.

You can find more information and the option to download the app at Objective Development.

Little Snitch: the supplement to the firewall on Mac, iMac, MacBook and Co

With internet-enabled devices, the firewall ensures that no unwanted programs, servers, bots, people and so on can access the computer and your data. Little Snitch, so the developer says, also ensures that no data from the system can unintentionally enter the Internet. The Network Monitoring Tool for Apple devices lets you know when an app wants to connect to the Internet. At first, the many messages might be annoying - but you always have the opportunity to assign permissions and restrictions. So in the long run you will get fewer reports, but make the system more secure.

There is also more information and the option to download the Mac app on the developer side.

Simply make your Mac more secure

For a long time, Apple devices such as the Mac, iPhone, iPad and so on were considered secure devices with closed operating systems that did not require any additional security software. However, since more and more private individuals, entrepreneurs and companies are now using Apple devices, criminal subjects are also increasingly interested in cracking the systems, spying out data, Ransomware to distribute and so on. Little Snitch and Micro Snitch can already help you to make your system more secure. You will also find in the post linked here Anti-virus programs for Mac.

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