Lock Launcher – App selection on the lock screen (from iOS 16)

Lock Launcher is a tool available on the App Store for iPhones that have at least iOS 16 installed as the operating system. Because with this widgets and live activities can be placed on the lock screen of the device. The Lock Launcher app ensures that you can place a kind of "dock" from which you can open directly from the so-called lock screen Apps can access. Of course, the iPhone has to be unlocked via Face ID or Touch ID, but accessing apps is still much faster this way than accessing it via the home screen. You can find the Lock Launcher Download in the official app store.

With Lock Launcher app, you can easily link iPhone apps on the lock screen to launch them faster. You can find instructions and screenshots here.
With Lock Launcher app, you can easily link iPhone apps on the lock screen to launch them faster. You can find instructions and screenshots here.

How it works: Short test of the Lock Launcher app

To try the lock launcher app, one can download it for free from the App Store download. There is also a Pro version for a one-time fee of €2,49, but this is not necessary for the first steps. If you have downloaded the 84,8 MB application to your Apple smartphone, you can add quick start apps to your lock screen as follows:

  1. Open the bottom left Favorites-Tab
  2. Then tap on Add action (plus symbol)
  3. In the first selection field Featured you now tap Choose Action
  4. Now you can select the desired programs from several app collections or via the search field
  5. Tap a single app
  6. Then tap on the top right Save
  7. To add more apps, repeat steps 3 to 6
  8. Adds up to six apps this way to the lock screen launcher by default
  9. again in Favorites-Tab, select this in the top right Palm Island Emoji from
  10. Activates the Rules next to "Live Activities" (umbrella emoji), then tap in the top-right corner Done

As you can see from the screenshots, there are many more options and menus that I haven't addressed in the list. For example, in the menu where you enable Live Activities to use app shortcuts from the lock screen, you can increase the number of apps you see - to show ten apps, just select two rows and five app icons per row . You can add four more to the selection shown above and have them all clearly displayed. Experiment with the app and its different settings to find the best options for you.

Very many menus and choices

If you just want to add a dock with individual apps to your iPhone lock screen, then you can follow the step-by-step guide above. However, the Lock Launcher app offers other options for app collections on the lock screen and for an app overview, which can be accessed by pressing the Dynamic Islands on the iPhone 14 Pro (Max). Various widgets and groups can be created and used depending on the issue. If you use the buttons and menus that are available in addition to those described above, you will find all sorts of options and possibilities.

Display must be reactivated after at least 12 hours

The Lock Launcher App uses the "Live Activities" function of the lock screen iOS 16. Accordingly, the display will be removed from the lock screen after 12 hours of inactivity. However, if you use the lock screen dock to launch any of the apps or launch the Lock Launcher app during this time, the 12-hour timer will reset. 

Worried about letting time pass, but still want the dock to be permanently available? Then just let the Lock Launcher app open automatically multiple times a day: Use shortcuts and automations on iPhone. While the linked guide covers location-based app launch, you can quickly modify it to launch apps at specific times.

Which apps do you need quick access for?

Have you already tried the app described here or a similar one? What apps do you associate with it on your iPhone lock screen? Feel free to leave your recommendations and experiences in the comments! Maybe you know an app that works even better, is clearer and has other advantages? I look forward to every hint!

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2 comments on “Lock Launcher – app selection on the lock screen (from iOS 16)”

  1. Hello
    I really like this app, but when I installed it, Face ID unlocking was disabled and so anyone can access my phone, so no more security! Can you help me?

    1. If the app does this because it probably cannot perform its function otherwise, then you have to accept it or delete the app. There is no option there. With the new iOS 18 in September, such a function could also come to iOS. I hope it will be so.

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