Luna Display Adapter from Astropad until July 13.07.2022, 25 with a XNUMX% discount

Luna display discount

This will only be a brief review of Astropad's Luna Display as this adapter is currently on sale with a 25% discount. Unfortunately only until July 13.07.2022th, XNUMX inclusive. Therefore, a bit of haste is required. If you already know that you can use the Luna Display, you should follow this link here.

For the others, I still recommend the link, because the Astropad page explains what the Luna display can be used for. If you don't feel like leaving Sir Apfelot, I'll explain briefly how the small plug is used in the Apfelot house.

The Luna Display with USB-C connector even supports the 5K display of the old Retina 5K iMac.
The Luna Display with USB-C connector even supports the 5K display of the old Retina 5K iMac.

New MacBook Pro on old 5K iMac - with Luna Display

The Luna Display will definitely get a longer post in my blog at some point, but today it has to go fast. So here is the use case for the Luna display in a nutshell.

My wife has an old 5K iMac and wanted to use it as an external display for her M1 MacBook Pro. Apple has the Target Display Mode for the old iMacs, which allows connection via a mini-Displayport cable, but unfortunately this no longer works with the new macOS versions. There is more information about this in the post “Use iMac as an external monitor“. But the iMac has such a good Retina display and great color reproduction that my wife didn't want to use any other monitor.

Mac to Mac - this is just one of many use cases for the Luna Display.
Mac to Mac - this is just one of many use cases for the Luna Display.

So there was only one solution: the connection using the Luna Display, because this system also allows new Macs to be connected to old iMacs. Or from Mac and iPad or other variants. The Luna Display Adapter is plugged into the Mac that sends the video signal. Both devices must be in the same WLAN and you install the Luna Display App.

In my opinion, the solution is the best way to connect old iMacs to other Macs or PCs, because USB-C Macs even support the 5K resolution of the 5K iMac and it simply works very reliably. My only criticism: If you are in the Browser scrolls or larger areas are updated on the external display, the display becomes pixelated for a fraction of a second. But you can get over that if you can use the beautiful iMac display for it - especially if the iMac would otherwise have to go to electronic waste.

And if you are now interested in the Luna Display, then take advantage of the 25% discount that is currently available. To the deal please Right this way.

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11 comments on "Luna Display Adapter from Astropad until 13.07.2022/25/XNUMX with a XNUMX% discount"

  1. I read the article with interest, I have a new Mac mini M1 that I want to connect to my iMac 27″ 5K at the end of 2015, I would be interested to know if this is also possible, if so, can you make a YouTube film about it online films can only be found in eng.

    1. Hello Reymund! Part 1: Yes, it works. We have an M1 MBP here attached to an old iMac 5K Retina. Part 2: Unfortunately I don't make videos. I'm already busy with blog posts. 😂

  2. Thank you for your answer, I was just unsure because Luna writes on her site that the M1 doesn't work. Then I'll think about a purchase, because I think the iMac with the Retina display is very good for image processing.

    1. Hello Reymund! Luna puts it this way: “Luna Display supports the M1 Apple Silicon chip on Mac, though there are some hardware limitations on the number of external displays allowed. Be sure to check Apple's device technical specifications to see what is compatible with your specific M1 Mac.”
      I think they mean that eg the MacBook Air doesn't work because it can only show the same on an external display as on the internal display. With the M1 Mac Mini you can connect an external display. Therefore, Luna Display should also work.

  3. I hope I don't get on your nerves, just one more question, can I then work on two displays at the same time? So move a window.

    Thank you very much

    1. Hello Reymund! I didn't quite understand the question, but if you mean what I think, then the question is whether you can slide windows back and forth between the two displays (one of which is your iMac via Luna Display). The answer is: Yes, you can. Or did you mean something else?

  4. Hello, I bought a Luna Display Adapter HDMI to connect my PC to the iMac, but unfortunately without success so far.
    The support can only be reached again in the new year, so no final evaluation is possible yet.
    First of all: the Setup_guide on the Astropad website is a disaster

    1. Hi Karsten! Ok, that doesn't sound good. We have the USB-C version for a current MacBook Pro M1 and an old iMac 5K Retina and it works fine there. The instructions were also well done and easy to understand. Maybe they didn't put as much time and muse into the PC version. :(

  5. Hello, Jens. Thanks for the contribution. I would also like to continue using my old iMac 5K 2014 as a 2nd monitor for Mac or PC (home office) and the Luna solution sounds great. Is the Luna “dongle” only sold through the US shop you linked ($119 + approx. $40 tax/shipping) or do you know of a shop in Germany?
    greetings and thanks

    1. Hello Andre! Unfortunately, it is only available in the US shop. I just searched Google again myself, but couldn't find a shop. Maybe I'll ask them if I can become a dealer. 😊 But currently there is no other source of supply. LG, Jens

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