M2 Extreme in the Mac Pro: Even more powerful than previously assumed?

Since the end of July, the first rumors about M2 Extreme for the Mac Pro came up, there is speculation about its exact specs. As shown in mid-August, so far have been a CPU with 40 cores, a GPU with 128 cores, a Neural Engine with 64 cores and up to 256 GB shared storage in conversation. In a new one Article Macworld is now mentioning even more "extreme" data, which should make the upcoming Apple Mac Pro an absolute powerhouse for computing-intensive applications. I have summarized what these are for you in this post.

What specs will the M2 Extreme have for the upcoming Apple Mac Pro? Here you can find the latest rumors about the CPU and GPU cores and the size of the shared memory.
What specs will the M2 Extreme have for the upcoming Apple Mac Pro? Here you can find the latest rumors about the CPU and GPU cores and the size of the shared memory.

Review of the Apple Mac Pro from 2019

When considering the technology forecast for the future, it is worth looking back at the current Apple Mac Pro, the presented at the WWDC keynote in 2019 became. Eyes widened when it was presented, because the specs that it made possible were not even close to being seen in any other Apple computer until then. For professionals in film and video editing, music production, game development and VR applications, there were these opportunities:

  • CPU with up to 28 cores and 4,4 GHz
  • Up to four graphics cards (each AMD Radeon Pro Vega II)
  • RAM from 32 GB to 1,5 TB
  • Multiple PCI Express slots for expansion
  • Apple Afterburner for more video performance (up to 3 streams of 8K ProRes RAW video or 12 streams of 4K ProRes RAW video)

Apple Mac Pro with M2 Extreme: Up to 384 GB of RAM?

In the Macworld article mentioned above, an M1 Extreme is mentioned, among other things, which is still to be released despite the new "Apple Silicon" generation M2. Perhaps this is a configuration option for the Mac Pro predicted for 2023. The M1 Extreme is expected to come with 48 CPU cores, 128 GPU cores and up to 128 GB of RAM. On the other hand, contrary to the assumptions made at the beginning, the M2 Extreme could have the following data according to Macworld:

  • CPU with 48 cores
  • GPU with 160 cores
  • RAM up to 384GB

For comparison: The M1 Ultra (consists of two Max M1 chips) with which the current generation of the MacStudio can be equipped, offers 20 CPU cores, 48 ​​GPU cores and up to 128 GB of shared memory. With that, the predicted specs of the M2 Extreme already look pretty impressive and powerful. Although the main memory (RAM) is only around a quarter of the configuration possible with the Mac Pro 2019, due to the SoC architecture of the Apple Silicon, the resulting efficiency and the use as shared memory (instead of individual RAM and VRAM) better performance can still be expected.

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