Mac Apps Report 2023: Setapp publishes survey results

I had you in August shown, as you can see in the third annual Mac Apps Report from Setapp can participate. The survey has now been completed and Setapp is publishing the results today. I was able to watch it over the weekend. In this article I have already summarized the most important data and figures for you. You can now also take a look at the Setapp Mac Apps Report 2023 yourself at this point.

MacPaw's Setapp division has released the results of its third annual Mac apps survey. After a first exclusive look, I can now present you a summary with the official publication of the report.
MacPaw's Setapp division has released the results of its third annual Mac apps survey. After a first exclusive look, I can now present you a summary with the official publication of the report.

Key data: 1.241 respondents of different ages

1.241 people responded to the above-mentioned call to participate in this year's survey about programs on the Apple Mac. Of these, 973 come from the USA, the remaining 268 from other countries. Of the participants, 51% said they were female. 47% identified themselves as male, the remaining 2% said “Other” or did not want to provide any information.

There is also a wide range in the age of the participants. 18% were in the age range 24 to 18, 25% said 34 to 32, 35% said 44 to 19, 45% clicked 54 to 16, and a further 16% were people over 55 (values ​​rounded up, therefore total of 101%). The survey took place online - 859 took part via the Cint platform, 382 responses were received via the direct link to the Setapp survey.

"The Mac Apps Report gives app developers valuable insights into app usage - directly from end users. Just as Setapp helps users solve everyday problems with the best tools, we want to help developers develop better appssays Mykola Savin, Setapp Product Lead. "With the app market moving incredibly quickly, we wanted to summarize Mac users' relationship with their software in 2023 and highlight key trends and insights."

The key messages of the Setapp Mac Apps Report 2023

There are a few important key points that can be gleaned from the entire survey. I have listed these for you below so as not to explain everything in a confusing continuous text:

  • App preferences: On average, there are 51 apps installed, of which around 15 are used daily.
  • Essential apps: The most important apps include Browser, Microsoft, Google and Adobe programs.
  • AI usage: A full 42% have already incorporated AI tools into their daily routine; Overall, 63% believe in the benefits of AI tools.
  • Payment methods: A proportion of 83% purchased new apps in the month up to the survey, with subscriptions seen as an advantage due to their flexibility.
  • Mac models: The MacBook Pro with a version of the M1 or M2 chip was cited as the (main) device used by 70% of respondents.

More detailed information from this year's Mac app survey

There is a few more details about app installation and daily use of installed programs in the Setapp Mac Apps Report 2023. 79% of those surveyed said that they use 20 or fewer apps every day. Of these, 49% said they use ten or fewer apps every day.

In this context, it should also be noted that the number of installed apps is an estimate made by those surveyed and that macOS comes with pre-installed programs out of the box macOS 10.14 Mojave There are 30+ preinstalled programs.

With regard to the essential apps, specific market sizes were mentioned, as stated above. In addition to the app category (e.g. web browser) and company name (Adobe, Microsoft, Google), these can also be broken down into exact apps. According to the survey, this software is primarily used on the Mac:

  • Browser: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi
  • Google workspace: Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Slides
  • Adobe: Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, Acrobat, Creative Cloud, Premiere Pro, InDesign
  • Microsoft: Word, Excel, Outlook, Microsoft 365, Office, Teams, PowerPoint, OneDrive
  • Other: Spark, Spotify, Visual Studio Code, Slack, Zoom, 1Password, Alfred, X (Twitter), Notion, Fantastical, Messenger (Meta), Obsidian

While 42% stated in general that they use AI tools on a daily basis, and a total of 63% see advantages in integrating AI into apps, of course you have to differentiate between certain apps, services and areas of application. Because artificial intelligence can help with a wide variety of tasks – text creation, image creation, programming, transcribing, and so on. The most commonly used apps with AI mentioned are: TypingMind, Elephas, Spark, Notion, Grammarly, Bard, Craft, Bing, Neo Luminar, MacGPT, Asana, Raycast, MacWhisper.

Many other topic and app areas in the complete report

Many more questions and answers are shown in the complete Setapp Mac Apps Report 2023 (look here). So if you want to know why a Mac is used instead of a PC, which models are used alongside the MacBook Pro, and which apps the respondents have used for a long time or recently purchased for the first time, then take a look . There is also information on reasons for purchase and the reasons for deciding against purchasing an app, preferred payment methods, and more. 

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