Mac stops burning CD with error 0x80020022

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Icon ask Sir ApfelotYesterday I got a question from a reader in Vienna. I would like to briefly show the mail so that you know what it is about:

Dear Sir, I am a music afficionada. Christmas is the perfect occasion to give away music. Compiled. Unfortunately it is the case that the drive of my Mcbook Pro can play everything but does not burn.

macbook pro 2008,
Processor: 2,5 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
Memory: 4 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM
Start volume: FIT_01

I use Verbatime blanks for burning
Burning speed: 8x. (I've already tried 4x)

Error message appears: “The burning process was interrupted because the communication between the computer and the drive failed (Error: 0x80020022)”

I ask for your valued opinion and recommendation on how I can make my loved ones happy this year with music.

Thank you and greetings from Vienna

An error message - many possible causes ... :(

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to offer a suitable solution here. I did some research on the net - or at least tried to, but the problem seems to have many possible causes and accordingly there is not THE solution. I was able to find a few helpful hints in the Apple Support Forum Find. The thread has been running for 4 years and currently has 13 pages. This shows that it is a complex problem that simply does not want to be abandoned.

Among other things, it shows that the error is not limited to Yosemite or another Mac OS, but occurs with several operating system versions (Lion, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, etc.). It is also not a typical MacBook problem but also occurs with iMacs. But here I have found a few possibilities how you can perhaps better isolate the error:

  1. Set the burning speed to the lowest level and then increase it if it worked.
  2. Sometimes it helps to blow out the CD drive with compressed air. If you consider that the Macbook mentioned is already 6-7 years old, it is possible that the optics in the drive are dusty. Correct writing of the data is then no longer possible. So you can do it with one Compressed air spray can or with one Cleaning CD try. Maybe that's the solution.
  3. Burn different things: audio CD, DVD, data CD ... for some users, for example, data DVDs with a size of more than 4 GB would not work.
  4. Change burning program: Burn from iTunes or with other burning programs such as Roxio toastTry BURN (Open Source) or something similar. Some users only have problems with a certain program.
  5. Changing the brand of blanks: Here, too, there are some users who cannot write CDs with a certain “type” of blank CDs/DVDs.
  6. Try a different burner: It is possible that the internal drive of a 2008 MacBook is defective. You can test an external burner (here my recommendations) and see whether it then correctly writes the CDs.
  7. A tip for people who have the error code 0x80020022 and use an external drive: A user inserted his USB hub in between and was then able to burn CDs again using this "detour". You can also try it the other way around (take out the USB hub if you always had it in the chain) or swap the USB cable, because this is often the cause of transmission problems.

In an emergency, I would of course first try things that cost me little or no money. You may not need to buy a new drive or other software. I keep my fingers crossed for you to get it done and I would be happy if you leave a comment about your status and which solutions you have tried.

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14 Response to “Mac aborts CD burning with error 0x80020022”

  1. Sir, finally someone who knows something about the matter! Also sensible explanations for problem solving and troubleshooting. I'm also currently having major problems with a Final Cut Pro X film that I plan to burn to DVD using TOAST. If you - noble knight - would help me and give me tips, can I describe the problem more specifically later?
    With best regards from Hagen-Dahl,
    Wolfgang Mouse
    Carrier of the letter assembly cross (former typesetter)

    1. Hi Wolfgang!
      How do the young people say: ymmd! "Letter joining cross" is good! ;)
      One of the dying species, right? Well, I can see from your homepage that you can also add virtual letters well! Your logo has succeeded! ;-)

      Well, I have to see if I can help with Toast and Final Cut Pro X. I have both installed, but rarely use them. But you are welcome to describe your problem. I would also publish it as an open reader question as a separate article. Then there may be other readers who can contribute. But I also like to take a look ... maybe I have an idea. :)


      The weekend sir

  2. Hallo,
    have also had the problem for some time that I get the error message while burning a DVD
    "The CD/DVD cannot be burned because an unknown error has occurred (error code 0x8002006E)". I work with an older iMac (later 2009) 1TB hard drive, 12GB RAM and internal cd/dvd drive/burner.

    Today I tried burning a music CD from iTunes and it works.
    Then I wanted to burn a DVD with photos and films, and then the error message appears.
    Procedure: in iPhoto export the album to a folder. Burn this folder (from the Finder, so to speak)…. Not possible.

    Now I have used the same DVD and clicked on a video file via the Finder in the iTunes library under Home Videos (right mouse button). A menu appears with the option to Burn the movie file to CD / DVD. That works too!

    Conclusion: burner ok, DVD ok, Finder is nonsense

    Oh yes software is macOS Sierra System version: macOS 10.12.1 (16B2555)

    Thank you in advance
    I hope there is a solution
    Greetings Pia

    1. Hello Pia! Yes, it really sounds like a problem with macOS. But one solution would be to only hope for updates or a software alternative like Roxio Toast Titanium to use. I usually use it to burn CDs and DVDs and haven't had a failure in years. But "theoretically" it should also work with macOS, as you described. But unfortunately that doesn't help you much... :-(

    1. Hello Petri, has a solution been found in the meantime? I have had the same problem for a couple of weeks but still no solution

  3. Hollo Sir would like to thank you for the good tip with the air bottle. I tried it immediately internal drive iMac 2008 is burning again!

  4. Hallo,
    Thank you for the hint with the compressed air. I didn't have it on hand, but vacuuming it with a vacuum cleaner with a fine nozzle in front of the MACmini slot while the disk was turning was enough.
    VG hobo.

    1. Hello hobo! Thanks for the feedback. This is of course a good approach too! It's new to me, but it's great that it works. Not everyone has a compressed air spray can at home. : D LG! Jens

  5. Dear Sir Apfellot!
    Thank you for your support :-D
    Had the same problem (using an iMac from 2007 with Yosemite) - for me it worked best with the external burning program BURN.
    I'm glad that after hours of trying it out, I discovered your site!

  6. sometimes I also got this FFFFFFFF80020020 error message, tried with 2 external drives. I often have a USB 3 cable between iMac & external drive.
    now directly connected & write speed reduced. No burning software used, just right-click & burn (folder) to CD/DVD. are data for a double-layer (DL) DVD.

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